~:Hazy Daisy

Iris Hair1.pngMy current love is pastels.  I say current..but that isn’t strictly true. Pastels have always been my favorourite!  I rarely do primary colours even in RL so this look is heaven.

The candy coloured hair fades by Damselfly and the ususual coloured eyebrows in this Brandi Base skin @ Glam Affair totally work!  The base skin includes  a collection of coloured eyebrows which I love.  I hope Aida makes more 😀

Iris Hair2

Brief credits: 

[*Iris Hair] @ Damselfly (New!)

[*Daisy Hair accessory] by Lode @ The Chapter Four (Gatcha)

[*Live a Litte Dazzle Dress] by *BOOM*(previous Collabot88)

[*Poses] @ ZZANG

[* Eyes] @ Mayfly

[*Brandi Skin] @ Glam Affair

[*Eyeliner in White] @ .matte

[*Lashes] @ Ploom


((Xanthe)) xoxo










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