~: Venturing out

Zaida HairF2Weeeee…I ventured out.  So many incredible places in SL…I finally took flight from the safety of my plank like a shy little bird.  This particular location is stunning. Thank you to Squashers for the tip!  Here is the link if you want to venture out too:  Twilights Edge

Anyway…I loved this Zaida Hair @ Damselfly and thought it deserved a great backdrop.  And pink seems to be the colour we ALL love.  (I spent the weekend with my friends little girl..she bellowed out more than half a dozen times how much she loves PINK!  Wtg….a girl after my own heart ..love you E..this one is for you  <33)

Zaida HairF1

Zaida HairF3.pngCredits:


[*Zaida Hair] @ Damselfly

[*Fiona Shape] @ CS Shapes

[*Brandi Skin] @ Glam Affair

[*Pearl Dress] @ Jenbug

[*Fantasy Ears] @ Mandala

[*Poses] @ Miseria

Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxo




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