~:Awesome New Leigh Shape!

Leigh Shape

Love love this face! This is Leigh Shape by [CS Shapes] which has the trademark prettiness with a few interesting features…check out the eyes and lips which gives the face a very sultry sophisticated look!   Please note that the skin above is Alice by Glam Affair and the skin on the Vendor Ad  is  Sia Skin, also by Glam Affair)  – see bottom pic.

Leigh Shape

Leigh Shape in Sia Skin by Glam Affair:

Leigh Shape*


[Leigh Shape] by [CS Shapes]
✽ 5 Standard Sizes included*

[Alice Skin] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Labella Dress] by LpD*

[Souvenir Comb – Spring RARE] by Miamai (Gatcha @ Shiny Shabby)

[Poses] by Label Motion

[Cubic Necklace] by 22769

Thank you!  ((Xanthe)) xoxo






~:Miss Muffet

Miss Marple1

Why hello!  Been awhile…but here is a look that cheered me up! Notleast cos it is a far cry from my own red nosed, puffy eyed look in RL on account of a nasty throat virus. Meh!

Anyway..how adorable is this hat?! And of course the skin….love the thick eyebrows and spluttering of strong freckles.  I couldn’t decide whether to call this look reminded me of Little Miss Muffet or Little Miss Marple.  <3

Miss Marple2

Miss Marple3

Find most of these items @ Collabor88 and Kustom9. More details below:


[Alice Skin] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9 (worn with double Liner by Tuli and Delicate Lashes by Miamai )

[Peach Joli Bowler Hat] by Violent Seduction @ Kustom9

[Freya Dress] by Tee*fy @ Collabor88

[Illuminate Hair] by lamb @ Collabor88

[Cora Heels in] by Fri.day

[Ammunition Necklace] by 22769

[Unicorn] by MishMish

[Mountain Lake Eye] by Mayfly

[Somewhere Poses] by Lalochezia

[Pearl Bracelet] by League

[Lara Body only] @ Maitreya

[Face Shape] by [CS Shapes]

Thank you <3  <3 <3 ((Xanthe)) xoxo



~:Frou frou delight by fd <3

FroufrouCan I haz this look in RL too???


Am now officially in love with frou frou….and this Princess Dress by Fashionably Dead (fd) has to be the cutest I have ever seen.  Absolutely adorable!  Love the combination of glitter and the softly frilled skirt.  Lookie this:


Ok and here is the look in full:


See? Cute isn’t it.  And only $88 @ Collabor88.  Toast Bard of Fashionably Dead was a little late with her items for Collabor88 and knocked off $100 on each item!  Woo-hooo!   I shall be returning to stock up on more Princess Dresses and the other items on offer.  Something tells me I will never tire of wearing this dress. Ty Toast <3 Please see other credits below for more info on this look:


[Princess Dress] by Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88 ($88 Special Offer)

[Maruska Necklace] by Eclectica

[Ellie Skin] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9

[Esther Hair] by Truth @ Uber

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Body] @ Maitreya

[Barbie Pumps] @ fri.day

[Poses] by Label Motion @ TDF





~: Pretty little Maiden


Decided to go for some rich colour today!  Starting with a statement hair style.  This is a shade of red one rarely sees but I love it.  One of my very first decent hair buys was a light pinkie carrotty shade  made by Sweet Faces which, typically, stuck out like a flag when walking.  But how I loved that hair! Fast forward a few years and we now have this fabulous mesh hair which we all can’t get enough of.  I quite like this style by Red Mint which really suits a Maid Marion style look.  <3



The pretty skin is Ellie by Glam Affair @ Kustom9. Headdress is OrciniRed @ Cosmopolitan and Dress is by Junbug @ Collabor88. Monet Dusk Eyes @ Mayfly.  Poses Marukin.

Short postie today.  Hope you don’t mind the brief credits.  RL shopping is beckoning and it is soooo cold today! Hot shower then am off.   Have a great Sunday! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:Blooming lovely


22769 Scarf

Here is a nice BIG scarf to keep you looking cosy.  This is the rare version of the Big Woolen Scarf  by 22769  which you can find at The Secret Affair.

This look reminds me sooo much of Chrissy Hynde, the guitarr thrashing front girl of The Pretenders….with her classic smokey eyes and pale lips.  No bangs in this look but still….a minor likeness to Chrissy in her heyday perhaps. Here she is singing Radiohead’s “Creep” (naughty words in this song so no playing it near kidlets! :D ).

And Tiffy of Eclectica has this lovely Nightblooms Necklace, Earrings and Ring set  which you might like.  You should be able to find it in her Mainstore now.  There are several layers of rose petals which are texture change which allow to create different colour combinations. Gorgeous!

Eclectica Necklace Check out this super curvy Chrissy Shape I made earlier and created for a mesh body but I haven’t yet got around to releasing it yet in the [CS Shapes] Mainstore.  I went all out with the KK hips while retaining all the Medium Size parameters.  Worn with Ellie Skin by Glam Affair (Kustom9) and the Lara Body by Maitreya. Your own shape will determine how the Mesh Body looks as is is aligned with the default shape.  Kinda fun to come up with lots of different body shapes which look awesome in this mesh body.  Oh btw… I added lots of eyeliner and lashes for this look! Lingerie is included with the Lara Body.  And Ariel Hair is Wasabi. Poses are Marukin. Light Grey Eyes @ Mayfly.




~: Serene Outfit @ Secret Affair

The Secret Affair

Secret Affair2

Secret Affair

Secret Affair 4

It is lovely to see Paco of 22769 creating clothes again.  This is a simple but elegant Serene Top and Skirt outfit which you cna find at The Secret Affair. The pretty poses are Everglow.  Cute aren’t they?

I am wearing the Lara Body V2 by Maitreya for these shots.  A lot smoother than the default body but not such a dramatic change so as to look “overdone”.

Other Credits: Ellie Skin by Glam Affair, Electra Hair by Entwined, Oli Hat by Glam Affair, Pearl Choker by RAMA, Pale Onyx Eyes by Mayfly, Shape @ [CS Shapes]

~:Brown Hues

Brown Hue

Ventured out earlier (a rare thing, being rather wedged on my plank lol).  I ended up at Kenney Furniture.  What a lovely shop! So took a few snaps seeing as it was so quiet and peaceful.  <3

Well….what can I say about this look.  Love this jumper by Pixicat.  This girl is super talented and deserves all her success.  Sometimes simple with a little twist (such as the chain around the neck and metal cuffs…and sometimes complex and intricate…who can forget that Gladiator outfit.  The best.  :D

beautiful skin by Glam Affair – every time I fall in love with one of Aida’s releases…another one pops by!  Ellie Skin (also @ Kustom9) is smokey and soft looking….mature but very pretty.  I will be wearing it for awhile I think :D

Brown Hue2

Credits :

[Jumper] by Pixicat @ Kustom9

[Klara Jeans and Boots] (Boots not seen in pic but they are there!) by Pixcat

[Electra Hair] by Entwined @ We <3 Roleplay

[Dolly Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (modded slightly)

[Ellie Skin] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9

[Lion Bracelet] by Swallow

[Poses] by Everglow

[Twightlight Sea Shadow] Eyes by Mayfly

Location: Kenney Furniture



~:The Body Beautiful

New BodyThis is not exactly a *review*…just some thoughts on my new body! :D

Anyway, who would have thought I would have purchased a mesh body! Blimey.  As a shape creator, I confess I have desisted – that naughty little independent streak of mine meant that I have been reluctant to throw myself fully into the mesh head and body craze…I think it has more to do with not looking like everyone else! However, I do fully  respect the creator’s skills and talent for creating what are pretty incredible things. And some of the mesh heads do look amazing in photos etc.

But for me, I loved the fact that I could still  *tweek and manipulate*  the default body & face into something  a bit more *original*.  Afterall we all love that we can still look original despite wearing the same skin. It helps define our individuality in SL.

The introduction of the mesh heads and bodies have not been without teething problems. One can’t ignore the alpha glitches, the neck glitches, the ridiculous *banning* furores,  or the reliance on having to buy system clothing or mesh clothing from the body creator. The effect of this has been a limitation on what you can wear, notwithstanding that your existing inventory of mesh clothing suddenly becomes redundant.  However, I appreciate that it is all a *work in progress* for many creators and many of these problems have been improved.  And there is nothing like healthy competition to drive innovation etc.  Right? :)

Sooo…above is a flavour of what persuaded me to try this new body! (No wild guesses as I am sure you know which one I mean – Lara by Maitreya of course!).

Whoops, excuse the nip!

New Body

What’s to love:

Obviously, I love intricate HUD designed to make the transition from default to mesh body pretty seamless.  Not to mention the lovely body skins from a favorite brand, the pretty nails & nail polish options, added cute feet and hands and the fact that I can still wear my existing inventory.. all win win.

I suspect Onyx will develop this body further… and she may even be working on a matching mesh head!  But for now folks, I still love my own faces although I look forward to seeing further developments from Onyx.  Anyway, enough said.  You can find plenty of reviews on the blogs which are fantastic and fun to read.  <33

Still a curvy body: Nom nom nom…

New Body

My new face in Sia by Glam Affair:

CS Shapes Face

If you like the look: (From memory so please forgive the absence of links)

[Lara Mesh Body] @ Maitreya

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair (Collabor88)

[Corset] by Junbug (Collabor88)

[Glimmer Necklace and Ring] by Eclectica

[Headband] by OrsiniRed (part of a Headdress) @ Cosmopolitan

[Eyes] by Mayfly

[Poses] by Marukin

Thank you.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:Changing face

Face Shape 2014D’aww I was playing around in my inventory not surprisingly, I gravitated towards my collection of shapes, some of which I confess, made me shudder a little.  And there I was thinking that 2012 represented a time I understood how to make a decent face.  How wrong I was!  And how things change!

The “Face Shape 2o12″  is what would call a typical SL b*tch slap face (see below).  You wouldn’t want to mess with her now would you?  I mean it’s okaaay….but looks a little hard to me.

<3 The face above “Face Shape 2014″ is one I created a few months ago.  Girl next door, and wearable with a lot of skins.  I call it my bland canvas. It is very ordinary but looks extraordinarily more natural.

If you want to likewise soften your look, I would suggest the following (this isn’t rocket science btw.  I am sure many of you will have already worked these out.  But….if it helps others then great! I am happy).  Okay…basics, basics…..

*Reduce the size and width of your mouth (it should only be slightly wider that the edge of your nose)

* Make your eyes rounder and slightly wider apart

*Raise your nose division and widen the bridge of your nose. 

Thee little subtle changes that can turn you into an SL babe…although as with everything, it is all a matter of taste. If you are happy with your shape, great! Although I find playing with shapes hugely fun and relaxing. Also practically every skin benefits from minor changes to your shape!   Never be afraid to tinker….you are most likely to end up with a face that will surprise you <33

It only leaves me to say goodbye fug face 2012!!! *cringes*.  Thank goodness for tinkering.  I would be interested to see your changes too <33

Face Shape 2012


[Amberly Skin 11] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Hair] by (Red) Mint (in Sale)

[True Grey Eyes] @ Mayfly