~: Cute Cosy Knit Combo by AR@ Shiny Shabby

The sweater

If you love a no-fuss sweater and skirt combo with a layered shirt you will rush  to get this new creation Aida outfit by AR (Asia Rae).  It’s fab!!   Find it at Shiny Shabby.  Comes is a variety of wearable tones, including an olive green which I like.    And the little weasel loves his sweater too….he is wearing his own version (minus the skirt of course).  Da cute!

AR Sweater Outfit

AR CAsual Outfit2

[AIDA] Outfit by AR @ Shiny Shabby

[Donna Shape]  [CS Shapes]

[Katra Skin] by Glam Affair

[Ember Hair] by Magika

[Poses] @ Kirin

[Weasel] by Mish Mish

[Hair Flower] by AMD (Dollabie)





~:Es-Cape Friday


It’s great to get a bargain and the odd gift from a successful wig maker.  Two rather awesome finds in this outfit.  The colourful Cape from Pixicats on Fifty Linden Friday and the Hair which Truth has kkindly gifted.  I got mine via the subscribo but if yours hasn’t arrived in the post, pop along to Truth and hit the Subscribo and look for it in the History Tab.  Am sure can work it out :D

Imabird1Cape comes in 2 colour options and a hoodie.


Quick Other Credits:  Caroline Skin @ Glam Affair,  Donna Shape @ [CS Shapes], and Ladybugs by Azoury.  Poses are Muse.  The Rocking Birds in Backdrop are Vespertine (Also FLF).

~:Mellow yellow

Mellow Yellow 2

A little dash of yellow has rather brightened up this look!  I was looking for a top to go with this beautiful leather Maxi Skirt by Fashionably Dead and found this frilly cleavage enhancing cute top by Secret Store.  And while I foraged, I deleted 10,000 items.  The idea is to debunk a further 10,000 to I regain a healthy 32K which is still *mad* but managable. There is nothing like a good ole inventory clear out is there?! :D

Mellow yellow1

Mellow Yellow 3

Quick Credits: Leather Maxi Skirt by Fashionably Dead @ C88, Top @ Secret Store, Donna Shape @ [CS Shapes], Caroline Skin by Glam Affair, Rose Branch also by Glam Affair, Flats by fri.day. Hair @ Magika and Poses by Everglow. Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo

Cute Floral cap

Floral cap

Pretty floral cap which reminds me of a 1950’s swimming cap!  I so want one now!

Quick Credits: Floral Cap by Glam Affair, Skin is Caroline by Glam Affair, Donna Shape @ [CS Shapes], Eyes by Mayfly and Hair by Magika. xoxo

~:Cute maid look

Maid1I invested in some cleavage this weekend.  Normally I like the flat chested look…but decided it was time to get the puppies out.  And what a great way to show off a pretty cleavage!  I threw this outfit together as part of a mix of old and new which is a fun way of creating a unique look all your very own! Love this flowing pink skirt!



[Skirt] by Junbug (FLF

[Top] by Tee*fy

[Donna Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (modded a little)

[Caroline Skin + Lipstick] by Glam Affair (worn with cleavage also by GA)

[Estelle Hair] by Elikatira (FLF)

[Butterfly Headress] by Astralia

[Bracelet Watch] @ Izzie’s

[Rainshower Eyes] @ Mayfly

[Poses] @ {imeka}




!gO awesomeness

!go3 Dress 3

Gorgeous dress!  Pretty, earthy and eclectic.  Love all the different textures which have been combined in this outfit.

!Go Dress 1Comes in Long and Short versions.  Excellent value.  And well…I am a fan of this creator.  I remember when she had this colourful shop selling skins, and a wild mix of fairytale clothes and hippy style garments.  Now she creates fabulous role inspired outfits. Awesome talent.

!go Dress 2

!go Dress 4Credits:

[Jagna Dress] by !gO @ We <3 Roleplay

[Donna Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Caroline Skin] by Glam Affair

[Looking Back Hair] by Exile

[Blossom Hair Accessory] by Astralia

[Rainshower Shadow Eyes] by Mayfly

[Karli Boots] by Pure Poison

[Poses] by Marukin and Kirin

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo




SONA Outfit @ [AR] Asia Rae

Asia Rae Outfit

If you are a blogger or SL photographer then you will be familiar with Asia Rae.  Her photography is stunning and quite flawless.  You can see some of her work here:  Asia Rae Flickr 

Asia is now creating clothes. And the SONA outfit above is a little flavour of her figure hugging and super stylish designs. Look closely and you will see lots of detailing like the silver belt clasp and the harness strap over the top.  Really nice touches.


[Sona Outfit] in Grey by  [AR] Asia Rae (other colour options availably including Navy and Beige)

[Unicorn Heandband] by Astralia @ KUSTOM9 (Gatcha)

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Yolandi Skin] by Glam Affair

[Le Fey Slipper Chair] by Trompe Soleil

[Empty Gold Hair] by Magika

[Poses] by ZZANG

[Ultraviolet Eyes] by Mayfly

Thank you for peeking!   ((Xanthe)) xoxox

~:Purdy look


Gorgeous skin.  Love the added lipstick and brow options. I am a sucker for thick bushy brows and they they don’t get more awesome than these!


You dont really want to stopGroovin.

[Carolina Skin] by Glam Affair @ Uber

[Donna Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Nude Top] by Tres Blah

[Hair] by Truth

[Hair Accessory] by Astralia

[Cerise Eyes] @ Mayfly

[Skirt] by Tee*fy

[Poses] by Tee*fy



~:Leather and lace


Leather and lace is an almost perfect combo if you want a feminine and sophisticted look.  Yes this is the leather skirt I blogged earlier…because it is pretty awseome…..


Nom nom nom… And the gorgeous Lace Top is ISON! And the prettiest shape in the collection at [CS Shapes] is  Donna Shape which is a super cute.  Love the lips and eyes on this shape.

Lace2Donna Shape @ [CS Shapes]. Katra Skin by Glam Affair. Leather Skirt by Tres Blah.  Lace Top by ISON (find both at Collabor88).   Necklace by Yummy and Hair @ MagikaEyes are Mayfly and Poses are Kirin.  Thanks.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo