Chow chow chop chop

Pixie (2)Stylish yet simple look softened with a little pink! And below is the cutest dog ever!  How adorable is this Chow Chow by Pink Acid @ No21.  I looked them up btw.  I love the fact that Chow Chows are super independent dogs and rather aloof.  Also, apparently they are rather fiercely loyal.  However, this can translate into a little agrression which isnt a good thing  with kiddies around so you have to train them early so that they are more sociable.  That said, they are rather cuddly looking dogs and very adorablz <33

Chow Chow   Chow chow meets chop chop hair.  I rather like this gamine style.  Rather expensive but I guess you you are getting lots of uber style.  Its by Shi @ HairFair. The lovely RoseGold Necklace is by MINIMAL – find this at the Dressing Room Fusion.  And pink Jumpsuit is Pixicat.  Shape @ [CS Shapes] Chocolate Eyes by Mayfly.  And Niki Skin by Glam Affair.

Fun lipsticks + RAMA’s cute Top/Shorts duo

Blonde 1 lIPS

I have tons of lipsticks (in RL too!) and I particularly like those that come as add-on for skins.  It’s great for mixing and matching and creating different looks.

However, I came across the !Soul lips on MP  – I preferred third line ie the Nuance 1 Style 3  which are fab.  I am not so keen on the glossy lines though…but some of you who love shine might prefer them so I guess it is  matter of taste.

Find the !Soul lipstick collection on MP.

The Shape above is ROSA @ [CS Shapes]Hair is Exile at Hair Fair 2016 and Mira Skin by Glam Affair . Necklace is Kunglers. This cute and simple Top and Shorts set by RAMA @ The Dressing Room Fusion. Poses are MarukinSea Green Shadow Eyes are Mayfly.  Body Lara by Maitreya.



~:Wild and Whooly

Wild and woolyHow fabulous is this hair! You can always rely on Lelutka to create something innovative and uncoventional. This is the HF03 which you can find at Hair Fair 2016.   I love it and you may find it featuring more than a few times in this blog.  ROSA Shape by [CS Shapes] and Mira Skin by Glam Affair. Poses are Marukin.

Mellow Yellowwhoooaaa bewwwbsss. Got myself a little “uplift” lol.  This cute little ribbed Cami Top is by RAMA.  Lots of other colours to chose from and applier compatible.  Undies are Luxuria and Pizza Jeans are Blueberry.

~: Lovely New face

ROSA Shape [CS Shapes]

Pretty, new and unique face @ [CS Shapes] . Great for your system skin!  Try this shape with Nikki Skin by Glam Affair @ Collabor88.  Or Mori and Morgana Skin by Pink Fuel. Gianna Skin by Belleza is another great alternative. These are just a few examples of other skins you can try although Rosa Shape looks lovely in other skins.  Do experiment!  Rosa Shape is modifiable so you can fiddle with it to your hearts content.

Try Demo here:

ROSA Shape on MP

ROSA Shape Instore

Hope you like and thank you❤ ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~: Dreamy skin

DuskyIf you still love your own face, do get this pretty, dreamy looking Niki skin by Glam Affair @ Collabor88.  This will be another collectors item so it is always worth getting when they are on special offer, notwithstanding that they may never be released again!

And…I rather like this Winona Dress by SyS @ Liason  Collaborative. Donna Shape @ [CS Shapes] and Stella Hair is by Elikitira,  Sea Green Shadow Eyes by Mayfly.  Poses An Lar.  Boho Headband by Glam Affair.



~: Fancy Tulip

TulipI knew I would one day find a use for this tulip style Collar by Glam Affair.  Many items created at events become collectors items.  Which is why I always buy things I like, regardless of whether I wish to blog them or not. You will always find inspiration in things you love:)

Also, I rather liked this fantastic pile-up updo by Boon!  I found the dark browns more wearable. It is also non-rigged so you can adjust it to fit. And I must mention Analogue Dog‘s Hairbases.  If you are looking for a natural looking wispy hairbase, this one is for you.  She provides free hairbases with all her hair.  Find the Boon Hair @ Hairology.  And buy any of the Analogue Dog hairs and you will get a nice collection of hairbases! (Insofar as I am aware though do check first!)  And Donna Shape is [CS Shapes]. Yolandi Skin is Glam AffairGown by ISONKlara Sandals are Pure PoisonApril Sea Eyes are Mayfly, Poses are An Lar.

Tulip 2


~:Orange IS the new SL Black


Orange 2

Still recovering from the EU referendum vote.  Feel quite sick thinking about it so I escaped to SL to console myself with something pretty to wear!😀

[Shape] from a selection @ [CS Shapes]

[Mira Skin] by Glam Affair

[Belted Romper] by Bluebery

[Black Wrapped Jewellery/Necklace and Bracelets] by AMD

[Heartbeat Hair] by Magika

[Cristina Headpiece] by Glam Affair

[April Sea Eyes] by Mayfly

[Poses] are Marukin

~:Au naturel

Snapshot_100 (2)Going for the natural look here with beestung lips and sans liner.  And this has to be one of my favorite shaggy hair-dos.  MINA creates some of[M the best brunette and red haired shades with natural highlights.  Very good hair.

[MIRA Skin] Glam Affair (worn with Caroline lips)

[Donna Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Rose Garland Headdress] by Glam Affair.

[Bow Necklace] by Izzie (Group Gift)

[Green Eyes] by Mayfly

[Septum ring] by Yummy


~:Vintage White

Vintage White 1Simple vintage theme.  I love white and you can certainly tell when a creator is clever with white. I imagine (in my inexpert opinion) that white is perhaps hard to get to right.  I say this because it is a colour that is hard to wear if it isn’t right!

Anyway, with the Vintage Fair 2016 underway, I picked up a few items including this simple hairdo by the “difficult-to-remember-how to spell” hair creators.  Elikatira I think!  I teamed it with an old pair of sunnies from Yummy which I love.  The cute little Bow Necklace is by Izzie’s (Group Gift).  And Dress is ISON (@Uber).  Bracelet is by Swallow and Poses by Marukin.  Sea Green Eyes by Mayfly. Donna Shape @ [CS Shapes] Mira Skin by Glam Affair. Septum ring by Yummy.

Ison dress white