~:Petal Shape for LAQ’s Neve Mesh Head

It has been such a awhile since my last post.  7 months to be exact!  Long enough for me to forget ALL my passwords and exactly how to post in WordPress! Eeek! Am hoping that this will work but we shall see!

While I may not have posted recently, I have been keeping a verrrry close eye on the Bento mesh heads! I have tried most of them and fiddled with those shape sliders with the gusto of an enthusiatic baker!   I also monitored the progress of Bento Mesh Heads over the past months. Ever cautious, I didn’t purchase one straightaway.  Instead, I had a lot of trying them all with different skin appliers. Although I did make a few shapes for friends during my experimentation!

And …*drumroll*….I bought my first one.    I purchased the Neve Head by LAQ which was on special offer just before Christmas.  And fortunately, Glam Affair also had LOLA Skin on offer at Kustom9 and the combination is rather excellent and super girly which is in keeping with what I like. 😀

The sliders were edited from every angle to achieve this effect and therefore this face is pretty unique.  You are welcome to try it on Markeplace and see what you think yourself!

>:Petal Shape Demo:<

Just one little caveat:

You must wear the recommended Eyebrows or you will get a different look.

PLUS, I used the customary striking Mayfly Eyes. Simply use the HUD provided to resize the eyes and move them inwards.  It can be a little tricky but if I can do it so can you!

Hope you like <333

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