~:Mayfair Flair

Mayflair Look

Took a little jaunt to the ever popular Mayfair SIM.  And here are the results.  I was totally absorbed by the details, even peering closely at door knobs, and fencing.  Such is the finesse of the details on this SIM which is just stunning.  Anyway, I loved this look.  White with pink hair.  Simple, non fussy l with added Mayfair flair :D

Mayflair Look4More piccies below.  Eeee…this visit deservd a good airing of poses.

Mayflair Look1f.png

Mayflair Look5.png

Finally, I originally started out this post with a snap of the Milena Hair by Cavalleri.  She released this version for Room69 (See link below. Starts 1st Sept).  Chloe’s hairs are really cute and evolving. Great for a streamlined simple look.  See below:

Melina Hair

From memory:

[Milena Hair]  - Botton Pic – by Cavalleri @ Room69

[Divine White Dress] by ISON (Collabor88)

[Necklace] by Glam Affair (Collabor88]

[Artemis Skin] word with brows by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Laura Pink Hair]  – Top Pics – by Wasabi Pills

[Fiona Wedges] by Ingenue

[Poses] by Everglow

Thanks! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

PS As graphics card is a bit dodge… I am now limiting myself to 1/2 hour of SL pictures from start to finish. Outfit, pictures, edits,blog post and flickr.  I am 2 minutes to finishing time! Woooooooo!!




“That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day…”

And then there is always chocolate.  <33

Super cute Porsha Hair by Cavalieri. You can find this at the Appliers Expo!


[Porsha Hair] by Cavalieri  @ Appliers Expo .:New:.

[Headband] by Magika (Subscribo Gift)

[Aphrodite Dress] in Brown by Tee*fy (Collabor88)

[Leafes Necklace] by 22769

[Unicorn Necklace] by Atomic

[Sora Skin] @ Pink Fuel

[Harley Lipstick in Romantic Red] by Pink Fuel

[Liquid Light Eyes in Monet Dusk] by Mayfly (Gift)

[Pose] by Everglow

Thanks! ((Xanthe) xoxo

~:Pastels + Sweet Treat Icecream


Ooh I love pastels.  Went for the slight minty tone this time.  Makes me want to reach for the Mint Ice-ream.  Oh and here is one…yummmm.  Pididdle  has released these cute  Sweet Treat Ice-Cream Bags to add a little fun to your look.  Aren’t they sweet? :D

Oh yes and Troofie  (Truth)  has released Grande Hair.  One of the reasons I like it is because it’s not only sexy in a bee-hive 60’s sort of way but he has included several options in which you can wear it.  This is just one way.



Miseria’s Slayer Platforms  Stilletos and Earrings.  Another  creator who is currently flying with her mesh creations.  See below:  These items are available in her mainstore.  Link in credits.

Minty4.pngCute Guitar Pick Earrings by Miseria (Instore Gatcha)


That’s all for now :D


[Sweet Treat Ice-cream Bags] (w/wo holding Pose) by Piddidle @ N°21  .:New:.

[Grande Hair] by Truth .:New:.

[Slayer platforms ] by Miseria .:Newish Release:.

[Guitar Pick Earrings in Black] by Miseria (Gatcha only $25) .:Newish Release:.

[Rope Necklace] by Glam Affair

[Neva Skin] in Artic by Glam Affair

[Eyeliner] in No5 by Tuli (Please see on MP)

[Lashes] by Tameless

[Aphrodite Dress] by Atomic (Collabor88)

[Flores Rose Headress] by Ariskea

[Mochi Ice-cream Animated Meowing Cat] by Ohmai

[Vivid Blue Eyes] by Mayfly

[Poses] by Everglow

Back drop:

[Holiday Heart - Faded]  by Scarlett Creative (modded – I added a little mint tint)

[Bare Chair] in Light Wood/Floral by Art Dummy

Thank you for peeking! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

PS It is Bank Holiday and *pouring* with rain! But that shouldn’t stop me from popping out for some  ice-cream. I suddenly have a craving for some…






~:Roman Baroque look

E Necklace Profile

Quick post! Many familiar items in this look.  This is probably one of my favorite looks so far.  Super girlie and in muted tones.  And a very affordable look too.  Most of these items are @ Collabor88 but I also loved the Baroque Jewellery by Eclectica which I thought went rather well with the gladiatorial look.  Am really inpressed with Pixicat.  To think this creator started off by making mesh bows as early as 2013..and look at her now!

E Necklace1

E Necklace2

From memory so I apologise if I don’t have all the exact names etc


[Versailles Baroque Necklace]  by Eclectica .:New:.

[Gladiator Outfit + Boots] by Pixicat @ Collabor88

[Cassia Skin] by Glam Affair

[Lashes] by Tameless

[Liquid Light Eyes in Monet Dusk by Mayfly] (Gift)

[Drop Necklace] by Plastik

[Letters and Lipstick Hair] by Exile (Collabor88) (cant believe I remembered the name of this hair! haha)

[Poses] by Everglow


~:Metallique is fab

Amuniton Necklaces


More glossy metallique items @ L’Accessoires  to plump up your glamourous credentials <33

Black is Back

Black is back

As promiced, here are Eclectica’s  Shoes @ La Metallique Event @ L’Accessoires.  Great for a ballroom event but I went for the simplistic Black look.



[Bohemian Shoes] by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires .:New:.

[Ammunition Necklace] by 22769 @ L’Accessoires .:New:.

[Fishscale Bracelet] by 22769 @L’Accessoires .:New:.

[Bodygarter Black] [Sucreries Collection] by MoDANNA

[Gwendalyn Hair] by Spellbound

[Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Cassia Skin + Lipstick] by Glam Affair

[Liquid Light Eyes in Monet Dusk Shadow] @ Mayfly

[Poses] @ Everglow


Yhanks for peeking in! ((Xanthe)) xoxo





I made this cute fairy-style Evangeline Shape for my group and friends.  Free join until 25th August so get it while you can :D Comes in size small and is super for contemporary fantasy looks or if you are a little kawaii at heart.

The Teal Romper from NYU is adorable! I love her FLF offers.


And Paco of 22769 is now making shoesss.  Check out these Serenity Heels at the La Metalique Fair @ L’Assoires. Great first release!  Love the metallic theme on this round! <3 PS Tiffy of Eclectica also has some fantastic shoes at this event!  Need to get the high shoe base first but will blog Tiffy’s shoes in the forthcoming days.


Cutie face <33



[Evangeline Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (Group Gift free join until 25th Aug) .:New:.

[Serenity Heels] by 22769 @ L’Accessoires La Metallique Fair (2nd anniversary) .:New:.  L’Accessoires

[Ammunition Necklace] by 22769 @ L’Accessoires .:New:.

[Headress] by Folly (Top Pic) .:New:.

[Wings] by [[Trap]] @ WLR (Top Pic) .:New:.

[Romper] by NYU (FLF) .:New:.

[Liquid Light Eyes in Monet Dusk Shadow] @ Mayfly (Group Gift)

[Brandi Skin + Summer Lips] by Glam Affair

[Parted Lips] by Tuli (See Marketplace)

[Young and Beautiful Hair] by Exile

[Blacklace Bunny in White] by Blacklace (Top Pic)

[Poses] by !Bent (sorry closed)

Thank you!


((Xanthe)) xoxo






~:Pink Dove

Pink Dove If only I could fly….


[Cube Necklace]  by 22769 @ L’Accessoires :.:New:.:

[Hair ] by DamselflyFantasy Collective :.:New:.:

[Anna Shape] by [CS Shapes] :.:New:.:

[Aria Skin] by Glam Affair

[Nebula Eyes] @ Dead Apples

[Delicate Lashes] @ MIAMAI

Other items Helena Dress by Junbug, Headwings by +Half Deer

Pink Dove