~:Matching Pinkies

Miseria Dress2FNellie the elephant went to town…d’aww…isn’t this an impossibly cute Mish Mish Elephant with animated ears and wriggly bits..and we are matching!

There is a huge appeal for plushies in SL and am not entirely sure I will ever grow out of it either.
And…Miseria is creating some lovely mesh frocks these days.  This little Kiele Dress ticks all the boxes for style and totally embodies the  spring season. Other fruity colours available including Orange :D.  Find this dress at The Seasons Story.   See pic & link below:

Miseria DressF

More credits below folks!


[*Kiele Dress] by Miseria @ The Seasons Story (New!)

[*Fearless Silver Cuff] @ *BOOM

[*Minnie Hair] @  Milana

[*Brandi Skin] worn with Romy Goddess Lipstick @ Glam Affair

[*Dimples] @ l.fauna

[*Ceri Cherry Blossom Hair Flower] by Node

[*Elephant] by Mish Mish @ Collarbor88

[*Owl Necklace in Silver) @ Addiction Jewellery

[*Vivid Blue Eyes] @ Mayfly

[*Ceredigion Chandelier (Black/Gold)] @ Theosophy

[*Poses] @ ZZANG

[*Wood Textures] @ [K.O Textures]

Thanks!  ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:Ombre – the perfect trend for Spring <3

Aurora Hair

Pretty shades of spring.  Love these ombre colours will always be of the moment..this trend is set to run and run me thinks!  Soft pastel shapes to brighten up your look.

Check out the lovely Aurora Hair by Damselfly which is just adorable. Tommy makes the most flattering styles. This style has a pretty braid and flowers attached to the crown. <33

Andddd…. Paco and Manu of 22769 will be releasing this amazing butterfly Eye Mask @ L’Accessoires (available from 15th April) .  See the full french name below…*affects a french accent* “il est impressionnant!” And there are two options (one with a hold animation) and a variety of stunning colours to choose from.  Perfect for your all your fantasy looks!


22769 Butterfly Headdress

Aurora Hair3.png

Aurora Hair4Gorgeous Dress above.  Clever shading and the colours blend perfectly.


[*Aurora Hair] |Rigged Mesh  |@ Damselfly (New!)  Coming Soon @ Where The Dream Begins Fair ! (starts 19th April)

Mes pensees sont des papillons Butterfly Eye-Mask 22769  @ L’Accessoires (Open from 15th April) (New!)

[*Owl Necklace in Silver] @Addition Jewellery

[*Poses] @Miseria and also !Bent (now closed)

[*Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea Shadow] |Mesh option Available| @Mayfly

[*Brandi Skin & Lipstick] @ Glam Affair

[*Maxi Dress Ombre]  |Rigged Mesh| by Tres Blah @ Collabor88

~:Hazy Daisy

Iris Hair1.pngMy current love is pastels.  I say current..but that isn’t strictly true. Pastels have always been my favorourite!  I rarely do primary colours even in RL so this look is heaven.

The candy coloured hair fades by Damselfly and the ususual coloured eyebrows in this Brandi Base skin @ Glam Affair totally work!  The base skin includes  a collection of coloured eyebrows which I love.  I hope Aida makes more :D

Iris Hair2

Brief credits: 

[*Iris Hair] @ Damselfly (New!)

[*Daisy Hair accessory] by Lode @ The Chapter Four (Gatcha)

[*Live a Litte Dazzle Dress] by *BOOM*(previous Collabot88)

[*Poses] @ ZZANG

[* Eyes] @ Mayfly

[*Brandi Skin] @ Glam Affair

[*Eyeliner in White] @ .matte

[*Lashes] @ Ploom


((Xanthe)) xoxo









~: Venturing out

Zaida HairF2Weeeee…I ventured out.  So many incredible places in SL…I finally took flight from the safety of my plank like a shy little bird.  This particular location is stunning. Thank you to Squashers for the tip!  Here is the link if you want to venture out too:  Twilights Edge

Anyway…I loved this Zaida Hair @ Damselfly and thought it deserved a great backdrop.  And pink seems to be the colour we ALL love.  (I spent the weekend with my friends little girl..she bellowed out more than half a dozen times how much she loves PINK!  Wtg….a girl after my own heart ..love you E..this one is for you  <33)

Zaida HairF1

Zaida HairF3.pngCredits:


[*Zaida Hair] @ Damselfly

[*Fiona Shape] @ CS Shapes

[*Brandi Skin] @ Glam Affair

[*Pearl Dress] @ Jenbug

[*Fantasy Ears] @ Mandala

[*Poses] @ Miseria

Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxo



~:Leena Hair*

Leena HairFF

Quite something isn’t it.  Am always thrilled to see new releases from Milana.  She keeps a low profile and releases rarely.  But always gorgeousssss styles that make you look fabulous!

Try the other styles at Milana.

The pose is part of a new collection at Miseria called Guaridan Poses.  Only $85 pack.  And the Sofia Lingerie is half price @  Koketka.  Skirt is part of the Vanishing Clouds set by Ohmai. Fiona Shape @ CS Shapes .  Brandi Skin @ Romy Goddess Lipstic @ Glam Affair Thank you.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo


Fob Watch and Indie RoseFF1

Back to the dolly look.  Didnt take long to revert back to the The Doll. lol. Anyway, love this heavy fringed Tasha Hair @ Tameless.  Cute isnt it?

I am home today.  Recovering from a fractious week.  And oh soo nice to unwind and escape to SL.  The look is a mix of a few well loved items from my invent plus a few new goodies.  It is sooo lovely to see Indie Rose!  And those of you who are also familiar with Indie Rose, you will recall that she has an excellent eye for textures.  This cute Tank caught my eye (wish I had it RL!).

And…I love this Meckanika Fob Watch by Eclectica.  I blogged the Necklace version a couple of weeks ago..and this is the belly button version which is super cute.  A little ladybird is hitching a ride on this one :D

Fob Watch and Indie RoseFF3

Fob Watch and Indie RoseF2


[*Tasha Hair] @ Tameless

[*Gabriella Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[*Cropped Tank] @ Indie Rose (part of an outfit)

[*Mechanika Fob Watch] by Eclectica (Mad Pea Steampunk Gatcha Festival) ULTRA RARE 1

[*Poses] @ ZZANG

[*Skirt] @ Tee*Fy

[*Rose Hair Bow] @ Miseria

Thats it!!  Hope you have an equally relaxing weekend <33  ((Xanthe)) xoxo



~:Willow Hair & Gabriella Shape*

Willow Hair by Damselfly

This is the new hair style from Damslfly.  Business like yet feminine! I teamed it with the Jacket by TB and this amazing neck tie by ISON for a no -nonscence but fun look.

I dont often go for strong windlights but I particularly liked this Green and Brown ambient effect above. The pretty  Gabriella Shape is new @ CS Shapes.   A very versitile shape which I found suits many skins.  Please see below:

Gabriella ShapeFinal


Picture 1:

[*Willow Hair] @ Damselfly (New)

[*Gabriella Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (Lastest Release)

[*Liquid Light Eyes in True Grey]  @ Mayfly


[*Neva Skin] @ Glam Affair

[*Dimples] @ L.Fauna

[*Jacket] by FD (Collabor88)

[*Deer Bolo Tie] by ISON (Collabor88]

[*True Grey Eyes] @ Mayfly

[*Poses] @ !Bent


Picture 2:

[*Myrcella Hair] @ Damselfly

[*Gabriella Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (Lastest Release)

[*Bodysuit] @ Lark