~:Maruska Necklace by Eclectica @ Jewellery & Accessory Expo


Can you tell I love necklaces?  I do I do I do! <3

I will be heading to the Jewellery and Accessory Expo for sure.  Tiffy of Eclectica kindly sent me her collection.  This precious Maruska  set actually comes with matching earrings…with Gold or Silver option.  Now the clever thing is that both the metal and the stones are texture change…you can choose from red, green, blue and other colors for the stones and well…the metal hue can change too.  So it’s fantastic value and you can wear your jewellery whatever clothes you are in!

And these lovely coffee coloured Tawny Bistre Eyes are a gift @ Mayfly.  Dang…love Mayfy Eyes.  Arkesh always gives out the nicest eyes as gifts.  <3


[Maruska Necklace] by Eclectica @ Jewellery and Accessory Expo

[Amberly Skin] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Luminous Eyes in Tawny Bistre] @ Mayfly GIFT

[Star prop] by Half Deer

[Crimson Dress] by League @ Uber


~:Cute Coldout

AMD Coldout ScarfSuper adorable scarves which you will find at AMD<>  Gatcha an only $10 a play.  Great to collect but also share with your frands <33.  There are 15 types with 4 rare – which include Pringle-style and preppy ones too as well as a festive collection.

AMD Scarf

AMD Scarf


[Coldout Scarves] by AMD Gatcha $10 per play

[Glimmer Diamante Earrings] Part of a Set by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires

[Blue Trench] by AMD (as above)

[Luna Trench Coat] by Kitja Cherie

[Gold Crown] by KOSH (Gatcha)

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Doll Skin] by Pink Fuel

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair

[Olinda Hair] by Truth

[Lashes] by Tameless

[Liner] by Tuli (see MP)

[Poses] by Kirin

[Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea Shadow] by Mayfly


Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo




~:Blood rush…

Eclectica & RAMA

Blood rushhhh :D.  Those were the days when I could do this with ease. Now…am most likely to break my neck if I attempted a handstand now. Hee. Anyway..this is meant to be a sophisticated look.  And here I am being silly…tut tut*

If you saw the last post you will have seen me bleeting on about this Glimmer Diamante Necklace Set by Ecelectica.  Do get.  It really is better on…and worn as the full set.

And….you might like this Two Toned Pocket Dress by RAMA.  This is black…but you get other options.  Great if you love the casual jersey look!

RAMA Dress


[Two Toned Pocket Dress] by RAMA @ The Showroom

(see the gallery of colours on Seraphim Blog)

[Glimmer Diamante Necklace] by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires

[Sia Skin] worn with  Romy Base Lipstick by Glam Affair

[Manna Headpiece] by Zibska

[Poses] by Diesal Works

[Deep Sky Eyes in Twllight Sea Shadow] by Mayfly

[Laura Hair] by Wasabi Pills
Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo






Eclectica Glimmer Necklace

Now that the party season is in (of course in SL this s all year round) but well…its nearly X-Mas!  So you gonna need an outfit and stunning rocks to match!

Check out this lovely, understated Glimmer Necklace by Eclectica (part of a set).  You get Earrings, and a Ring to match!Find this at L’Accessoires.

Anddd…the smexxy bodycon style Yve Pencil Dress is by League @ Uber.  This has to be one of the most flattering dresses evvaaa…I mean mesh does not get better than this!  Beautifully textured and well…you gonna wish you had it in real life too!  Nomnomnom….

Dress by League

The Night Sky Stilettos in  Charcoal Gold are also by Eclectica.  Find these @ The Gift Wrapped Winter’s Faire


[Glimmer Diamantes Necklace] + matching Earrings and Ring by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires  .:New:.

[Night Sky Stilettos] in Gold and Black RARE by Eclectica [only $40 per play]  @ The Gift Wrapped Winter’s Faire (Open until 6th Dec only).

[Yve Pencil Dress] by League @ Uber .:New:.

[Poses] by Imeka

[Bronze Eyes] by Mayfly

[Haters Hair] by Truth (Sale)

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Angelica Skin] in Asia by Glam Affair

Thanks  ((Xanthe)) xoxo




~: Little birdie..

Little birdie

Hello there! <3

Hope you are all having a good weekend post the Thanksgiving festivities.  Seems it has caught on here too!  Together with Black Friday – we had our fair share of Police being summoned to separate grappling shoppers too! Haha…when it comes to a good bargain, English manners are no more :D

Anyway, do check out this lovely Aida Necklace by 22679  which you can find @ L.Accessoires.  Lots of colour options!

D’aww..and I love this Pink Dress by MIshMish.  So happy she is making clothes! <3



Where to Buy:

[Aida Necklace] by 22769 @ L.Accessoires

[Ophelia Hair] by Exile

[Dress] by MishMish @ Kawaii Project

[Angelica Skin V2] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9

[Bird] on Head by Lode @ The Chapter Four

[Bronze Eyes] by Mayfly

[Kendra Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Pose] by Kirin

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo


~:Cosy knit

Plain Jane

Plain Jane2

Plain Jane4
Cute, cosy knit.

Winter is drawing is and the best part is snuggling in your warm winter woolies. Find this long Sweater by Beuno @ Kustom9. (She is the girl from Blueberry who has been creating mesh clothing for buyers and creators alike). The Headband is by Kosh (gatcha). Birdi Hair by Moon @ Kawaii Project. Necklace by RAMA @ The Showroom (part of a selection) Monet Dusk Eyes by Mayfly. Chair by Theosophy.    Angelica Skin V2 by Glam Affair @ Kustom9.  Poses by Kirin and !Bent . Leather Pants @ Tres BlahShape by [CS Shapes]


~: Kawaii cute

Miko Skin

Quick post!  If you haven’t got round to visiting the Kawaii Project then you must….it is one of the cutest events ever!

The venue is beautifully built (by Ivy of Atomic I think).  And the items impossibly cute!  Dunno about you…but with so many events it’s a monumental task choosing what to buy, especially if you are on a limited budget etc. It rather concentrates the mind. But there are some events which guarantee quality, awesome creativity and a sense of fun…and this is one of them.  And it’s great to see a couple of new names too.

In brief, Pink Dress is by MishMish, Birdi Hair by Moon and Miko Skin by Glam Affair.  The Pearl Necklace is by RAMA. (See previous link) Face Glitter by LPM.  Shape @ [CS Shapes] . True Grey Eyes by Mayfly. Horns by 8f8. Pose by Kirin.

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo

:~Something a little different….

RAMA Choker

There is a cute selection of Necklaces and Bracelets by RAMA @ The Showroom. These are simple, well made pieces that you can mix and match or layer…this Pearl Choker is just one piece…go check them out!

See another example below:

Rama Necklaces

And dearest Paco of 22769 has made these interesting post Apocalyptic themed Survivor Gas Masks @ Genre.  I kept the look simple.  (Well a girl can never be seen without her little black dress).  Love this mask and I hope it inspires some of you talented peeps to do something super creative… a suitably last days theme would be amazing!

22769 Gas Mask


Pic 1:

[Pearl Choker in Black]  by RAMA @ The Showroom (from a selection) .:New:.

[Metal Top in Cold] @ Pixicat .:New:.

[Lauren Skin] by Glam Affair (worn with eyeliner)

[Dolly Shape] by [CS Shapes]  (poutier mouth and bigger eyes)

[Ultraviolet Eyes in Pitch] @ Mayfly (Do check out the GG too!)

[Sian Hair] by Truth .:New:.

Pic 2:

[Rose Necklace] by RAMA @ The Showroom .:New:.

[Plated Choker in Black] by RAMA @ The Showroom .:New:.

[Lauren Skin] by Glam Affair (worn with Doll Black Eyeshadow by Pink Fuel + Liner)

Pic 3:

[Survivor Gas Mask] by 22769 @ Genre (only $99 each!) .:New:.

[Elizabeth Hair] by Lelutka

[Poses] by Kirin