~:Rose Crown and Leafes <33

Rose Crown SilverFinal

This has to be one of my favorite items Paco has created.  This Rose Crown by 22769 is beautifully made and part of an exclusive Gatcha  @ The Secret Affair. They are awesome and you will love them all too am sure!

Paco also made the delicate Leafes Necklace which comes in Silver, Gold and Copper…really clever texturing and rendering. Also at The Secret Affair :D

Here is another…in pink…

Rose CrownPinkF1

Rare Silver…

Rose Crown SilverFRSAwesome aren’t they?  Thank you to Paco and Manu of 22769 <33


[Rose Crown] (Selection by 22769  Gatcha items @ The Secret Affair (Exclusive!)

[Leafes Necklace] by 22769 @ The Secret Affair

[Dreamy Hair] by Magika (Top & Middle Pic)

[Young & Beautiful Hair) by Exile @ Hair Fair 2014 (Bottom Pic)

[Cassia Skin] in Asia + Lipstick,

[Cassia Skin Pink Rose] in America worn with Lipstick by Glam Affair {FLF} {Bottom Pic)

[Leighty Top] in Cream & Earth by Ingenue @ Collabor88

[Liquid Light Eyes] in Deepening Spring by Mayfly

[Poses] by Everglow.  (Fanny Willis has a SALE so worth a visit.  Her poses are fabulous!)

Thanks! ((Xanthe)) xoxo



~:A prayer..

A Prayer

Feel ill listening the news.  I  am not entirely sure I can articulate how I feel or even use the right words. It does seem on occasions that it is the end of civilisation.  We seem to be going backwards and not forwards.

Whatever your beliefs or political leanings, one cannot but be horrified when watching the news.  The dreadful loss of life after the crash of MH17, and the killings on the Gazza strip.  In both instances, entire families wiped out. Innocent civilians and ordinary people caught up in  ugly conflicts.

It reads like a horror story, hundreds of bodies lying in the fields in Ukraine, that poor little toddler covered in a white sheet. And the women and children on the Gazza strip, blown to pieces, lying in the streets,  under rubble or wounded.  How can this possibly be right? Guns and bullets have only one master. Hatred.  On both sides.

This world has indeed become very small place. Wars that appear some distance away..really are not.  I hope recent events serve as a huge wake-up call for politicians. Conflicts should never be allowed to escalate to the level where governments or those in positions of power can act with impunity, with no humanity  and no respect for life.   I hope the collective anger that the rest of the world feels garners up enough momentum to precipitate a proper dialogue and ultimately a genuine desire an end to the conflicts.

It only leaves me to say to say a prayer for all the innocent lives lost and their poor families.  I hope they get answers and justice for their loved ones.  One hopes.

~:Seal-ed with love <3


Seal Pup1RS


Aww I love this seal pup!  I was chatting to Sam and asking him how I could produce a little vid as Gogo did for her hair AD which I thought was sooo adorable! He also very kindly gifted me this seal pup…(ty Sam <33) … I was gonna use this cute little wiggly pup with sparkley wings but the results were pretty awful..so you just get the piccies am afraid!


What am I listening to? This of course ..makes me so happy <333


[Seal pup] Alchemy @ Omgatcha

[Lingerie] @ Luxuria

[Dreamy Hair] @ Magika

[Animated poses] @ BehaviorBody

[Cassia Skin] in America by Glam Affair {FLF}

[Flutter My Fairy Wings] by Olive {FLF}  Corrected – sorry!

[Shape] by [CS Shapes]


((Xanthe)) xoxo



~:Soo Valencia

Sienna1 Y&B3

Just a short postie…and super simple piccies! I always think of Valencia when I see this burnt sienna colour. Or dark marmalade on toast.  Yummmm.

And such cute hair by Exile at the Hair FairYoung and Beautiful (well of course).  And you can find the Sienna Dress by Rowne at Collabor88. Boots are by TulipCassia Skin and Romy Lipstick by Glam Affair Poses by EverglowVivid Blue Eyes @ Mayfly. And check out Ganymede’s accessories @ ROMP…like the Gold Choker by Aesthetica which looks amazing on…really beautiful rendering on it <33


~: Handsome fella

Marcus Shape Final AD resized

Well I think so!

Woooo…I made this shape for fun, as a little promo, for Tommy and it is especially good for a sporty, boyish, college boy looks :D


[Echo Skin] by Tableau Vivant @ The Mens Dept

[Marcus Shape*] by [CS Shapes] Promo

[Gabriel Hair] by Damselfly @ The Hair Fair 2014

[Light Grey Eyes] @ Mayfly

[Taper Mesh Ears] by Mandala

[TEE] by !Aphorism! @ The Mens Department

Thanks!  ((Xanthe))


~:Mint effect




Went exploring and found myself at the Pavillion..remember this place? And there is this cute little cafe called Five Minutes After…the name alone made me smile.  And it was sooo well decorated I thought it made an excellent backdrop! <33


[Praise Hair] by Damselfly @ Hair Fair 2014

[Leighty Top and Osa Pants] by Ingenue @ Collabor88

[Safari Tribe Necklace] by Ison @ Collabor88

[Laura Heels] by fri.day @ Collabor88

[Kallisto Skin] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Deep Sky Eyes in Bronze] by Mayfly

Location: Five Minutes After (see link above)


~:Splash of lime

Damselfly Cap Hair1

Lots of great events at the moment isnt there?

Anyway, thought I would start off with this cute hair.   Lime is one of my favourite colours.. a little splash of lime is the way to go. Deee lishhh..One of the reasons  why I loved this capped Avril Hair by Damselfly. I got my lime fix.  Of course the Cap is HUD controlled so you can change the colour to suit.  Find this hair at PROJECT LIMITED event (as it’s namesake..items are on  limited sale ).

Funkaaayyy…I did take a pic of the feet but for some reason the flooring didnt rezz.  Urg. Do you have this problem too?  But anyway, this is part of the rest of the look assembled from bits and pieces.

Damselfly Capped Hair3

[Avril Hair] by Damselfly @ Project Limited

[Sahara Black top - part of an outfit] by Orsini

[Marinella Belted White Skirt] by LPD (The Gypset Market)

[Rising Spring Eyes] @ Mayfly

[Cassia Skin] by Glam Affair


((Xanthe)) xoxo