This great, slinky little Mai Tai number is by Cynful @ The Dressing Room.  Love the womanly curves on this Dress, particularly the hips! I might have widened my own the other day but I loved the overall effect.

The cute Kabrina hair is Elikatira which I picked up on FLF.  And Shape is Donna @ [CS Shapes].

Lariat Wrap Necklace is RAMA.  And the Tapered Ears are Mandala. Poses are An Lar.  Niki Skin is Glam Affair worn with Romy LipstickDottie sneakers from fri.day. Twlight Sea Shadow Eyes by Mayfly.




Gotta love tats!  This is a kind of mixed up look but I like it <333.  I created a lovely shape for the Summer Breeze Hunt (Sandy Shape) @ CS Shapes (SBH Gift). I gave her a round, cutie face and an equally round bottiebum! So rather womanly but with a rather young face.  “Coming of age” shape I guess.  Sandy Shape suits the lovely Lindsay Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Group Gift Join fee). Top & Shorts @ Shush (SBH Gift).  (Comes with prim top by the way which I haven’t included cos of the tats which are the “Ho Sugar” Tattoos @ URCo…..the Hair is Kletvia @ TDR.  Lashes by Glow @ TDR. Poses @ Magnifique.  Props (Pears and Napkins @ Clutter (TOSL Gatcha Fair ).  Joss Hair by Kletva @ (TDR). Wooden Table is @ :aju:: (LB Gift) For the original vendor pic I used Alice Skin in Tutti Fruitti @ Damned which is also quite pretty (see below). Turquoise Lingerie below is by Zaara (half price limited sale). Hair below is Iced Coffee @Loq (also TDR) Darn am tired…time for sleeep…Zzzzzzzzzz  ((Xanthe)))

Some lovely finds….

Ooh SL has been a demon today!  Due to rezzing issues & lag (*YAWN*)…these are the best shots I managed to salvage from a measly selection of snaps but I hope are ok (couldn’t really face redoing the whole lot again & besides the pull of a Starbucks coffee & Sunday papers was far too great! Anyway, you get the general idea of the items in the piccies.  There are some interesting goodies in this post so be sure to check out the credits below. Sorry if it appears all over the place. I desaturated the last snap just for fun btw though I think next time I might try & control the tool to effect more subtle changes perhaps.  Anyway, hope you find something you like from my forages on a rainy Sunday afternoon ((Xanthe))


~Skin by Glam Affair  @ The Dressing Room ($70) (comes with a super selection of glammy lipsticks!)

~Willow Shape @ CS Shapes

~Black Hat & Rose Headdress @ LaGyo (“Gift” Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

~Penelope Hair @ [Me.] (New)

~Black Lace Dress @ ::Natural:: (Black Butler Hunt)

~Table, Washbasin & 2 chairs & Chandelier @ Clutter (TOSL Special)

~ZP Black Brocade Chair @ Tableau Vivant (Zombie Popcorn Hunt Gift)

~Emo Ballerina Shoes @ MunSpain

~Poses @ BENT! (The Essential Pack @ Chic Birthday event)

~Skybox @ ::aju:: (Gift)-(I modified this skybox btwTip: 3 fab LB’s here too!  (see pic below)The ::aju:: skyboxes are great too!


::aju:: Lucky Boards which you might find useful for your home or props..








Forever fresh as a Daisy…

(●⌒∇⌒●) I hope you are all having a good week..and if you are Christian, a good Holy week!  It’s a good time for reflection & hopefully for most of you, you are fortunate enough to be spending it with your close family. *(0^^)0☆♪YAH. Anyway, I did a little of the Seasons Hunt yesterday and liked this simple Spring Dress @ [Glow] Studio.  I haven’t gone OTT on the styling but hope you like what I have done.  An easy look to achieve. The pictures snapped while I had breakfast this morning so I was still half asleep…The interesting Forever Fresh Make-up below is by Pididdle (also on the Seasons Hunt) which adds a flush of springtime color to your face. .. cute!   The fabulous Cream Boots are from COCO (TDR).  Great offer for $70 and a classic style. Tashy Shape @ CS Shapes.   I found the Pose above accidentally @ Idea Motus Poses (Opening Gift). (It is not far from LP). Other poses by HelaMiyoBackdrop Curtain by North West (Also on the Season’s Hunt).  Hair @ Me. Skybox @ L2 Studio (Also in Seasons Hunt..will show more of this skybox next time but its fabulous! Enjoy the Hunt and the rest of your weekend  (ノ*゚ー゚) Xanthe xoxo

AMAZING Boon* Hair! + Maitreya* Bodysuit et others….

Oh wow! Beautifully scuplted Hair by Boon in the Blue Dressing Room.  This extraordinary hair is part of a pack of 4 for $70 in the Blue Dressing Room.  I have used the suitably haughty Holly* Model shape @ Curvy Sillhouettes Shapes to great effect.  Comes in set of 3 (Catwalk*, Skirted* & Curvy *style). All Modifiable.  The Maitreya Sea Green Bodysuit, the lashes from Glow can also be found in the Blue Dressing Room,  together with the Kookie*Icecream City Wedges (seen more in more detail in below pics).  This blog was fun for me so I have included a few more pics than my usual ;).  All poses Everglow.  The pretty scripted colour change Rose Necklace is free @ R.A Crystal. Lilac eyes Umedama Holic

Kookie City Wedges are soo cute.   I think I have a little collection of these now..grins*

I bought some HappyMood birds this weekend..they are animated and chirp!  Super cute!  See the little one in yellow below at Xanthe’s feet. These little birds are sculpted & hand drawn plus only 2 prim!  Ty to Jan for helping me find them.  They are just adorable & don’t make a mess or need feeding..heh  :))