Chow chow chop chop

Pixie (2)Stylish yet simple look softened with a little pink! And below is the cutest dog ever!  How adorable is this Chow Chow by Pink Acid @ No21.  I looked them up btw.  I love the fact that Chow Chows are super independent dogs and rather aloof.  Also, apparently they are rather fiercely loyal.  However, this can translate into a little agrression which isnt a good thing  with kiddies around so you have to train them early so that they are more sociable.  That said, they are rather cuddly looking dogs and very adorablz <33

Chow Chow   Chow chow meets chop chop hair.  I rather like this gamine style.  Rather expensive but I guess you you are getting lots of uber style.  Its by Shi @ HairFair. The lovely RoseGold Necklace is by MINIMAL – find this at the Dressing Room Fusion.  And pink Jumpsuit is Pixicat.  Shape @ [CS Shapes] Chocolate Eyes by Mayfly.  And Niki Skin by Glam Affair.

~:Bow Chic-a



The Bow 3This is possibly one of my favorite looks…give me bows and bodysuits any day for that fifties vibe!  Woo-hoo!

And I am rather sad that ZZANG Poses is now closed.  She made the most awesome model style poses such as the ones features. I do hope she comes back! For a smexxy, model style look I used LEIGH Shape @ [CS Shapes] on the Maitreya Body for a streamlined look.  I love my own faces but would be lost without this body!

The Bow 2


The Bow1



  •   [Bow] by Elysium @ On9
  •  [Elsa Bodysuit] by Dead Dolls @ Fantasy Collective
  • [Leigh Shape] @ [CS Shapes]
  • [Lara Body] @ Maitreya
  • [Yolanda Skin] by Glam Affair
  • [Necklace] by Yummy
  • [True Love Waits Hair] by Lamb @ N21
  • [Platform Peep Toe Slingback] by ANE
  • [Cannes Bracelet] by YS&YS
  • [Sapphire Night Eyes] @ Mayfly
  • [Poses] by ZZANG (now closed)

Thank you so much! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:Eugenie Shape (New face!)

Eugenie Shape @ {CS Shapes]

Pretty new face, great for role play, fantasy or if you just wanna look super awesome! 😀 Eugenie Shape has a cute button nose and adorable eyes. Obviously the shape is compatible with all your mesh bodies although it looks just as good using any of the 5 Standard Sizes in the pack!

Please try a DEMO of Eugenie Shape either on Marketplace or [CS Shapes]  The shape comes MODIFY and includes the credit details to guide you on how you can achieve a similar look as the one shown above and on the vendor 😀

Other credits:  The amazing Dress is Enfant Terrible.  Necklace by League . Skin is Luna by Glam Affair and Hazel Eyes are Mayfly. Thank you ((Xanthe)) xoxo ❤



~:Sweet Suki Shape Group Gift

Suki Shape Group Gift @ [CS Shapes]

Sweet Suki  Shape (Group Gift) @ [CS Shapes]  Suits youngish look and quite petite.  Comes in Size Medium and looks awesome worn with mesh bodies.   This is an *Exclusive* shape to the Group (once it's gone it's gone).  Small join fee to dedicated Groupies are regularly rewarded with a variety of one-off pretty faces. <33 xoxo 
Incidentally, Luna Skin by Glam Affair which I covered in a splattering of adorable freckles! More of this look in the next post!

MIA Shape* Group Gift

MIA Shape [CS Shapes]

Super sweet face, perfect for your teen looks.  I made this MIA Shape* especially for my [CS Shapes] Group.  There is a little join fee as these are limited edition faces.  MIA Shape comes in SMALL Size  as created for a youngish, kawaii look.

Skin is Sia by Glam AffairAvena Hair @ Truth. Ruffle Collar Outfit by NYU. Liquid Light Eyes in September Shadow by Mayfly.    Wear this shape with you mesh bodies or as is.  Either way, I hope you enjoy <33 ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:New Fiona Shape*


I went all out to create a sultry look and believe it or not, it’s all thanks to Pink Fuel’s Sora Peach Skin which you can get on Special offer! Please support Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel who is sweet and generous to a fault <33  If you look closely at the body, the details are just awesome.

If you already have a large collection of Pink Fuel eyeshadows as I do, you can really go to town and create very different looks with this base skin.

All I did was add dark shimmery brown eyeshadow and 2 layers of lashes and there we have it.  Smokin’!   I rarely release a shape these days, but fancied a different look. And well. if you want to try this shape with classic almond eyes which works well with other skins too do hop along and try a free DEMO.

*[FIONA Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (New)

*[Sora Skin] Flushed @ Pink Fuel (worn with Light Smoke Eyeshadow) etc also Pink Fuel (New)

*[Liquid Light Eyes in Twilight Steel Shadow] and [Deep Sky Eyes in Hazel Shadow] @ Mayfly

*[Blase Piercing in A Haunting] @ HOD (Check out the new collection which is absolutely amazing!

*[Black Lingerie in Infatuated] @ Blacklace

*[Patience Poses] @ Miseria

*[Hummingbird Tattoo] @ Vestigium (may not be available but check out her store anyway)

*[Hair] @ Lelutka

Thankies.  Now it is time to hit the sales in RL.  I have been restrained so far but ever the bargain hunter I intend to go slightly mad :DD ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:Jane Shape* & New Mayfly Eyes*

Jane Shape @ CS Shapes*Smexxxy new shape!  Haven’t made one of these in *ages*.  I make the odd one now and again…when the mood suits.  And as I had a little time this evening, I tinkered and liked the result :D.  Comes Modify.

Incidentally, these fabulous blue eyes are the new Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea which are new @ Mayfly (mesh version available). There is another version called Liquid Light Eyes in Mountain Lake (also by Mayfly) see piccie below.  This pic is completely unedited btw. 😀 I always get excited with each Mayfly release….I have loved each one and together with Poetic Colors, they have to be my favorite peepers <33

Mayfly Eyes


*Jane Shape @ CS Shapes (New!)

*Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea @ Mayfly (New!) (Top Pic)

*Liquid Light Eyes in Mountain Lake @ Mayfly (New!) (Bottom Pic)

*Candy Skin by Glam Affair @ Arcade Gatcha

*Precious Hair in Naturals @ Exile (New!) (thank you Kavar for the smoothing serum :D)

*By Any Other Name hairpiece by BOOM @ Season’s Story (New!)

*Mai Lingerie ‘ Blacklace (TGIF )

*Poses by Miseria

Thanks for peeking!  ((Xanthe)) xoxo

Exquisite Rock Diva Hair

This wild hair deserved a post of its own. It is the Exqiuisite Rock Diva Nikita Fride Giftie @ Hair Fair 2010.  Lots of  whispy, floaty, feather bits and all sorts of goodies hidden in this hair.  It is pretty stylish &  fun to wear, notleast cos it also soooo unique.  Lovely gift.  Skin is Audrey @  Tuli. Cosmic Dream Eyes @ Poetic Colors.

FLS Skin @ AtomicBambi

Extraordinarly good skin on the FLS Hunt..and super generous contribution from AtomicBambi.  You will also find a nice pair of sandle wedges in the shop which are also part of the same FLS Hunt.  I used a very dinky little shape created for my REZZ-day (Arabella* Petite Shape @ Curvy Silhouettes Shapes).  Arabella* Shape was on limited offer for a day but I will release a taller/model-style version soon).   Arabella’s features really suited this skin so I think Atomic must be diddy too ;)))).  Earrings are from the lovely Mandala ($50 for today).  Choice of colors and amazing value from this clever designer.  Leather Tube Black Bracelets are from the talented YABU (see the bracelets close up  at Yabu Blog Spot! ).  Incidently, Yabusaka Loon of YABU has fabby Sculpted Jewellery Sets for Creators/Designers which you can purchase full-perm. I have them & they are very sexy sculpts & come fully textured with tons of sculpted & practical applications.  A must have for all aspiring jewellery creators out there! Incredible value too!  Black Bodysuit is *LP* Designs.  Lashes *ByKay*.  All Poses Dont Freak Out!

Whoops! Wonky lashes!  Giggles* :))