[CS Shapes] Sale <3

Hello there!  Here is your chance to grab some classic shapes for your system skins.  There are some very pretty and unique shapes on sale at [CS Shapes] for as little as $99!  



Thank you,  (Xanthe) xoxo



~:Cute Coldout

AMD Coldout ScarfSuper adorable scarves which you will find at AMD<>  Gatcha an only $10 a play.  Great to collect but also share with your frands <33.  There are 15 types with 4 rare – which include Pringle-style and preppy ones too as well as a festive collection.

AMD Scarf

AMD Scarf


[Coldout Scarves] by AMD Gatcha $10 per play

[Glimmer Diamante Earrings] Part of a Set by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires

[Blue Trench] by AMD (as above)

[Luna Trench Coat] by Kitja Cherie

[Gold Crown] by KOSH (Gatcha)

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Doll Skin] by Pink Fuel

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair

[Olinda Hair] by Truth

[Lashes] by Tameless

[Liner] by Tuli (see MP)

[Poses] by Kirin

[Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea Shadow] by Mayfly


Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo





Eclectica Glimmer Necklace

Now that the party season is in (of course in SL this s all year round) but well…its nearly X-Mas!  So you gonna need an outfit and stunning rocks to match!

Check out this lovely, understated Glimmer Necklace by Eclectica (part of a set).  You get Earrings, and a Ring to match!Find this at L’Accessoires.

Anddd…the smexxy bodycon style Yve Pencil Dress is by League @ Uber.  This has to be one of the most flattering dresses evvaaa…I mean mesh does not get better than this!  Beautifully textured and well…you gonna wish you had it in real life too!  Nomnomnom….

Dress by League

The Night Sky Stilettos in  Charcoal Gold are also by Eclectica.  Find these @ The Gift Wrapped Winter’s Faire


[Glimmer Diamantes Necklace] + matching Earrings and Ring by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires  .:New:.

[Night Sky Stilettos] in Gold and Black RARE by Eclectica [only $40 per play]  @ The Gift Wrapped Winter’s Faire (Open until 6th Dec only).

[Yve Pencil Dress] by League @ Uber .:New:.

[Poses] by Imeka

[Bronze Eyes] by Mayfly

[Haters Hair] by Truth (Sale)

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Angelica Skin] in Asia by Glam Affair

Thanks  ((Xanthe)) xoxo




~:Cute Shapes for Sale!

CS Shapes saleADLittle mini hot sale with pretty shapes as little as $99! There are a variety of shapes to choose from – my favorite shapes being Dolly Shape, Sophie-Ann and Addy Shape! @ [CS Shapes]. I am pointing these out cos they are the cutest in my view <33

Dunno about you, but the popularity of shapes you can tinker with to create your own individual look haven’t lost their appeal for me.   Skin creators such as Pink Fuel, Glam Affair, the Skinnery, MUD, Belleza etc have ensured that everyone can look beautiful whatever shape they are in! And without seemingly stating the bleedin’ obvious,  the face will always be an integral part of your look and a great way to express your personality…woooo 😀   Free demos to try instore.

Instore sale for a few days ONLY*) *Selected Items*  <33

*****Also you might like this cute Twirly Pins fromMainstore. These were at the Chapter Four Event but you can find them at the Mainstore!


[Sophie-Anne Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (Sale!)

[Doll Skin V2] by Pink Fuel

[Twirly Pins] by Miseria now @ Mainstore (only $45 per play)

[Roses and Skull Necklace] in White @ 22769

[No 26 Hair] @ Red Mint (Sale!)

[Pink Lace Lingerie] @ Blacklace

Right must dash.  A shower beckons plus a bacon bagel.  Yummmmmmm….have a great Sunday <33

Thank you ((Xanthe)) xoxo

~:Eclectica Pendant Necklaces are a real find…

Eclectica Pendant1F

Love these fabulous Relic Pendants from Eclectica!…Entirely mesh,  hardrawn and exceptional quality.  Plus you have a choice of 2 colours, dark gold above and silver below. And you get 9 gorgeous stone combinations/options in the HUD.   Irresistible!   Love Tiffy’s designs <33 See Tiffy’s Ad below if you want to check out the colour options…

Eclectica Pendant Necklace3FFLittle muggins.  Squishy wishy face 😀

Eclectica Pendant ProfileF


Nash, Maisie’s hubbie doesn’t believe I have 1 RAM of memory.  “How does she even see SL???” he says.  Hahhaha…I do wonder too!  But it might explain why my pics are so simple.  But also there is some clarity in the absence of shadows.  Still..be nice to have them.  Sadly for me there is always something else I need to buy instead of a new lappie.  This time its a sofa.  But you know..a sofa is for *life*..(well almost). ..if you get a good one that is..as you can see I get things that last and last like a Duracell bunny.  Please someone come chuck my lappie outda window. It’s the only thing that will spur me on to buying another.   😀


[* Relic Pendants] in Dark Gold and Silver ~ Eclectica  (New!!)

[*True Grey Eyes]  ~ Mayfly

[*Dolly Shape] modded ~ [CS Shapes] 

[*Mokatana Skin] ~Glam Affair


[*Top] |Mesh| @ League (Sale)

[*Lashes] ~Tameless

Relic Ad: 

Eclectica 'Relic' Pendant-Silverf


Thankies!  ((Xanthe)) xoxoox







~:Smooch-tastic Shape SALE!

I was just thinking the other day I ought to have a little End of Season SALE…it has been a year since the last one so here it is!  The AD is self explanatory but I would like to say thank you to Bent for the “Cirque Dreams” prop..it was fun to use!  Thank you Miss C!  Find it at the FAIR (see blog link below for details)

Link to CS Shapes Sale: Here

Link to FAIR for “Cirque Dreams” Prop: Chic

Shoes @ N-Core

Lingerie @ Fishy Strawberry

Adelaide Shape @ CS Shapes

White Mouse Ears by Auxiliary @ Archade Gatcha

Hair @ Elikatira

Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxo


~:April Spring Sale on Pretty Shapes!

Hello! Spring is a great time for a little change in look not least because it is also regarded as a time for renewal etc.  There is a very limited time *SALE* on these pretty, pouty, attractive shapes that blend well with high-end skins.  So if you are looking for a new look, or need a lovely shape for your alties etc, now is the time to scoop a bargain!  Most are less than half price for a very short time.

Have fun and many thanks for peeking! ((Xanthe)) xoxox

Pretty Catriona Shape (New!)


Another pretty shape from moi which some of you might love as much as I do! I named Catriona after my Italian cousin who  has a similar look (though not the hair which I know she would kill for!) :).  This is such a great look that I would happily wear for yonks! Catriona  Shape @ CS Shapes is kinda medium height so hopefully will have a wide appeal & super curvy of course with lovely pouty face. I especially love the wide hips & cute butt on this shape! (Looks great in low rise jeans).  Suits lots of skins and I have been happily experimenting.  Anyway, give her a spin & see what you think :D.  The beautiful Kiowa Bracelets are from Elemental Earth Designs (Summer is deffo the time to jazz up your swimsuits & bikinis with big, bold, chunky jewellery! :)).  Hair is kik. Swimsuit @ 5th & Oxford ($50 Closing Sale).  Worth a look..but hurry though! Not sure how long the shop will be open. There are some wonderful tea dresses & lingerie sets for sale.  Poses @ Marukin. Further info & STYLING in the pack. Thankx for peeking! Moroccan Eyes @ Poetic Colors ((Xanthe))