~: Fancy Tulip

TulipI knew I would one day find a use for this tulip style Collar by Glam Affair.  Many items created at events become collectors items.  Which is why I always buy things I like, regardless of whether I wish to blog them or not. You will always find inspiration in things you love 🙂

Also, I rather liked this fantastic pile-up updo by Boon!  I found the dark browns more wearable. It is also non-rigged so you can adjust it to fit. And I must mention Analogue Dog‘s Hairbases.  If you are looking for a natural looking wispy hairbase, this one is for you.  She provides free hairbases with all her hair.  Find the Boon Hair @ Hairology.  And buy any of the Analogue Dog hairs and you will get a nice collection of hairbases! (Insofar as I am aware though do check first!)  And Donna Shape is [CS Shapes]. Yolandi Skin is Glam AffairGown by ISONKlara Sandals are Pure PoisonApril Sea Eyes are Mayfly, Poses are An Lar.

Tulip 2



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