~:You, me and the busy bees

Bees and Flowers (1)

Me and the bees…or are these wasps?  I know which onces make me run a mile. But I do like this Lode Floral headdress and I will just pretend these are fuzzy, cute honey making bees….:D

Bees and Flowers (2)

Paper arrow is doing rather well with her sweet wearable dresses.  They are also reasonably priced so to get…you will need them for Summer wear! <33

[Phebe Headdress] by Lode in Peach/Rare @ The Chapter Four

[Marie Hair] by Entwined @ Shiny Shabby

[Katra Skin worn with Caroline bushy brows and Cleavage] by Glam Affair

[Shape] find similar @ [CS Shapes]

[Breezy Dress] in Nude by Paper Arrow @ Uber

[The Honour Series Poses] by Al Lar Poses (love these photo friendly poses.  Find this small mirrowed collection at Shiny Shabby)

[Me & You marquee (holographic)] by Tarte

[November Midnight Eyes] by Mayfly

Thanks for peeking ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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