!gO awesomeness

!go3 Dress 3

Gorgeous dress!  Pretty, earthy and eclectic.  Love all the different textures which have been combined in this outfit.

!Go Dress 1Comes in Long and Short versions.  Excellent value.  And well…I am a fan of this creator.  I remember when she had this colourful shop selling skins, and a wild mix of fairytale clothes and hippy style garments.  Now she creates fabulous role inspired outfits. Awesome talent.

!go Dress 2

!go Dress 4Credits:

[Jagna Dress] by !gO @ We ❤ Roleplay

[Donna Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Caroline Skin] by Glam Affair

[Looking Back Hair] by Exile

[Blossom Hair Accessory] by Astralia

[Rainshower Shadow Eyes] by Mayfly

[Karli Boots] by Pure Poison

[Poses] by Marukin and Kirin

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo





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