~RAMA Hair and AMD After Hours

Rama Hair

Okay.  RAMA is currently honing her skills with hair design and if you like a smooth, sophisticated capped look you might like to try this style which is currently on offer @ Shiny Shabby.  If you have a large noddy or roundish face you may need to wear a Hair Alpha.  Try Truth’s or Exile which are excellent all rounders.  Both Truth and Exile also provide Hairbases for free the colours of which are so good you can match them easily to shades from other brands.  The one I am using above is Truths from the  Brown collection.


AMD Dress AMD has a collection of figure hugging dresses from her After Hours Collection.    Several colours to choose from and comes in a *Pinstripe* option too!  Poses are Kirin.  Skin is Yolandi by Glam Affair, Feather Earrings are Izzie’s, Aurora Eyes by Mayfly.  And the  Shape is from a collection at @ [CS Shapes]


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