~:Gold Shimmer

Shimmer1If you are looking for a little smexxy shimmer, try this look.  Find this Seymour Sequined Dress by RAMA @ Alice In Sexyland Event.  I went for the brown golden hues from the collection  (but you will find a few wearable colours and the texture is materials enabled for extra sparkle!!)




[Semour Sequin Gown] in Gold by RAMA @ Alice in Sexyland

[Full of Grace Hair] by Exile

[Summerv 3 Skin] by Glam Affair ~ Collabor88

[Kumi Lipstick in Pumpkin *Teeth*] by Pink Fuel

[Eyeliner] by Tuli (see MP)

[Fortune Necklace] by Kotolier @ MIZU event

[Pearl Earrings] by Yummy

[Travellers Purse] by 22769

[Peeptoe Slingbacks] in Pink by ANE

[Sunglases] by STUDIO AKINI (Gatcha $45)

[Poses] by {imeka}

[Maharini Nosering] by MG

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]




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