✽ Cute New Hannah Shape!

Hannah Shape*

Lovely new face shape, and awesome with your mesh bodies!  Or wear alone as I make sure the shape is quite curvy and rather pretty!

✽   Hannah Shape is Copy/Modify/NT and comes in 5 Standard Sizes

I cannot believe how long I have been fiddling with faces!  It is still fun for me and relaxing after stressy week in the City (also I am doing the usual Saturday morning procrastinating from the weekend chores! More painting today…the ceilings are a killer! Half the paint ends up on me lol

✽   Feel free to try Hannah Shape on Marketplace. Or you can drop in my little shop in the sky: [CS Shapes] .

✽   Credits:

✽   [HANNAH Shape] by [CS Shapes]/ Marketplace

✽   [Luna Skin] is by Glam Affair.

✽   [Full of Grace Hair] by Exile (Collabor88)

✽   [Romance Combs] by Miamai @ Arcade

✽   [Wrap Dress] by ISON @ Collabor88

✽   [“Fortune” Necklace] (Sub-Pearl) by  .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. @ Mizu

✽   [Chocolate Eyes] by Mayfly

Hope you like <33

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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