~:Cleaned up Kitty!

Junbug Gown


I have been watching “Banished” (in the UK)  which is period drama based on the First Fleet (a fleet of ships some of which transported the first settlers to New South Wales, Australia). Most of whom were “convicts”.  We now know that possibly many were innocent, and others were guilty of nothing but petty crimes for reasons one can safely assume were essentially done for survival!

Anyway, this look reminds me so much of one of the female characters, Kitty McVitie  , (albeit cleaned up and more glamorous Kitty!).  If you have a thing for 18th century vintage glam then this is the look for you 🙂

Junbug Gown



[Black Gown] by Junbug

[Scarab Necklace] by Eclectica

[Hush Hair] by Magika

[Deep Paris Shadow Eyes] by Mayfly

[Hair bow] by Olive

[Katra Skin] by Glam Affair

[Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Poses] by Marukin

Thankx ((Xanthe)





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