~: Mayfly Eyes Upgrade


Mayfly has now has a HUD Control Upgrade of all her Luminous Eye collection plus  great new releases such as the gorgeous  Deep Paris Shadow Eyes. (above and below). Love the colour..these really are the most realistic and striking eyes you will find.

The HUD is simple and concise and has a ton of options and makes it super easy to change your pupil size, light and shadows, eye size and you can even change the colour of the whites of your eyes!  Marvelous!  Here is a closer pic of the eyes:

Mayfly and Katra SkinLuminous Mesh Eye HUD below:

Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes HUD

And…you know it is Spring when the daffodils come out…and because they are everywhere, they are often the cheapest to buy as a cut flower.  This lovely Daffodil Headpiece by Lode reminded me how pretty they are.  And have you seen the cute Linen Dress by DROP?  (Find it at Shiny Shabby event).  I paired the Dress with the Layla Boots from Fri.day (Fifty Linden Friday). Poses by {imeka}.

The pretty skin is Katra by Glam AffairOz Hair in Blondes by !OleanderShape by [CS Shapes]

Linen Dress by DROP


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