~:Smart Cool Greys

In Grey3Quite a few goodies in this look.  Little Xanthers has been allowed to sit on a sofa this time.  Progress!

In Grey1Little Xanthers in striking a pose, thanks to the awesome Loveseat by Trompe Soleil (previosu Collabor88 bargain).  And if you look at the suitably posed hand, you will see the the Skull Ring by Eclectica @ GENRE (see link below). It is awesome and looks super cool on the grey theme here…

In Grey4Who says grey is boring…or shall I say “gray”?  😀

Okay enough chit chat..here are all the grey things..Oh and in case you were wondering…this is Taylor Shape @ [CS Shapes] (see link below).  This shape works really well with the new Katra Skin by Glam Affair @ Skin Fair 2015.


[Skull Ring a bit scratched] by Eclectica @ GENRE

[Taylor Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Katra Skin] in Europa 07 worn with Lipstick 01 by Glam Affair @ Skin Fair 2015

[Kiss Me Quick Intimates Lingerie] in Silverby Atomic @ N21

[Cora Heels] in French Gray by fri.day

[Luminous Eyes in Soft Majorelle Shadow) by Mayfly (now HUD controlled and super easy to change features relating to sizing, glow, pupil size etc)

[Loveseat] by Trompe Soleil

[Take Hair] by Exile (Arcade Gatcha (yes you have seen this hair on Xanthers before…I ❤  it 🙂

[Pearl Romance Jewelry Tahiti Set] by Izzie

Thank youuu!  ((Xanthe)) xoxo






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