~:Brown Hues

Brown Hue

Ventured out earlier (a rare thing, being rather wedged on my plank lol).  I ended up at Kenney Furniture.  What a lovely shop! So took a few snaps seeing as it was so quiet and peaceful.  ❤

Well….what can I say about this look.  Love this jumper by Pixicat.  This girl is super talented and deserves all her success.  Sometimes simple with a little twist (such as the chain around the neck and metal cuffs…and sometimes complex and intricate…who can forget that Gladiator outfit.  The best.  😀

beautiful skin by Glam Affair – every time I fall in love with one of Aida’s releases…another one pops by!  Ellie Skin (also @ Kustom9) is smokey and soft looking….mature but very pretty.  I will be wearing it for awhile I think 😀

Brown Hue2

Credits :

[Jumper] by Pixicat @ Kustom9

[Klara Jeans and Boots] (Boots not seen in pic but they are there!) by Pixcat

[Electra Hair] by Entwined @ We ❤ Roleplay

[Dolly Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (modded slightly)

[Ellie Skin] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9

[Lion Bracelet] by Swallow

[Poses] by Everglow

[Twightlight Sea Shadow] Eyes by Mayfly

Location: Kenney Furniture



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