~:The Body Beautiful

New BodyThis is not exactly a *review*…just some thoughts on my new body! 😀

Anyway, who would have thought I would have purchased a mesh body! Blimey.  As a shape creator, I confess I have desisted – that naughty little independent streak of mine meant that I have been reluctant to throw myself fully into the mesh head and body craze…I think it has more to do with not looking like everyone else! However, I do fully  respect the creator’s skills and talent for creating what are pretty incredible things. And some of the mesh heads do look amazing in photos etc.

But for me, I loved the fact that I could still  *tweek and manipulate*  the default body & face into something  a bit more *original*.  Afterall we all love that we can still look original despite wearing the same skin. It helps define our individuality in SL.

The introduction of the mesh heads and bodies have not been without teething problems. One can’t ignore the alpha glitches, the neck glitches, the ridiculous *banning* furores,  or the reliance on having to buy system clothing or mesh clothing from the body creator. The effect of this has been a limitation on what you can wear, notwithstanding that your existing inventory of mesh clothing suddenly becomes redundant.  However, I appreciate that it is all a *work in progress* for many creators and many of these problems have been improved.  And there is nothing like healthy competition to drive innovation etc.  Right? 🙂

Sooo…above is a flavour of what persuaded me to try this new body! (No wild guesses as I am sure you know which one I mean – Lara by Maitreya of course!).

Whoops, excuse the nip!

New Body

What’s to love:

Obviously, I love intricate HUD designed to make the transition from default to mesh body pretty seamless.  Not to mention the lovely body skins from a favorite brand, the pretty nails & nail polish options, added cute feet and hands and the fact that I can still wear my existing inventory.. all win win.

I suspect Onyx will develop this body further… and she may even be working on a matching mesh head!  But for now folks, I still love my own faces although I look forward to seeing further developments from Onyx.  Anyway, enough said.  You can find plenty of reviews on the blogs which are fantastic and fun to read.  <33

Still a curvy body: Nom nom nom…

New Body

My new face in Sia by Glam Affair:

CS Shapes Face

If you like the look: (From memory so please forgive the absence of links)

[Lara Mesh Body] @ Maitreya

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair (Collabor88)

[Corset] by Junbug (Collabor88)

[Glimmer Necklace and Ring] by Eclectica

[Headband] by OrsiniRed (part of a Headdress) @ Cosmopolitan

[Eyes] by Mayfly

[Poses] by Marukin

Thank you.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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