~:Changing face

Face Shape 2014D’aww I was playing around in my inventory not surprisingly, I gravitated towards my collection of shapes, some of which I confess, made me shudder a little.  And there I was thinking that 2012 represented a time I understood how to make a decent face.  How wrong I was!  And how things change!

The “Face Shape 2o12”  is what would call a typical SL b*tch slap face (see below).  You wouldn’t want to mess with her now would you?  I mean it’s okaaay….but looks a little hard to me.

❤ The face above “Face Shape 2014” is one I created a few months ago.  Girl next door, and wearable with a lot of skins.  I call it my bland canvas. It is very ordinary but looks extraordinarily more natural.

If you want to likewise soften your look, I would suggest the following (this isn’t rocket science btw.  I am sure many of you will have already worked these out.  But….if it helps others then great! I am happy).  Okay…basics, basics…..

*Reduce the size and width of your mouth (it should only be slightly wider that the edge of your nose)

* Make your eyes rounder and slightly wider apart

*Raise your nose division and widen the bridge of your nose. 

Thee little subtle changes that can turn you into an SL babe…although as with everything, it is all a matter of taste. If you are happy with your shape, great! Although I find playing with shapes hugely fun and relaxing. Also practically every skin benefits from minor changes to your shape!   Never be afraid to tinker….you are most likely to end up with a face that will surprise you <33

It only leaves me to say goodbye fug face 2012!!! *cringes*.  Thank goodness for tinkering.  I would be interested to see your changes too <33

Face Shape 2012


[Amberly Skin 11] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Hair] by (Red) Mint (in Sale)

[True Grey Eyes] @ Mayfly

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