~:Cute Coldout

AMD Coldout ScarfSuper adorable scarves which you will find at AMD<>  Gatcha an only $10 a play.  Great to collect but also share with your frands <33.  There are 15 types with 4 rare – which include Pringle-style and preppy ones too as well as a festive collection.

AMD Scarf

AMD Scarf


[Coldout Scarves] by AMD Gatcha $10 per play

[Glimmer Diamante Earrings] Part of a Set by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires

[Blue Trench] by AMD (as above)

[Luna Trench Coat] by Kitja Cherie

[Gold Crown] by KOSH (Gatcha)

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[Doll Skin] by Pink Fuel

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair

[Olinda Hair] by Truth

[Lashes] by Tameless

[Liner] by Tuli (see MP)

[Poses] by Kirin

[Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea Shadow] by Mayfly


Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo





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