~:Blood rush…

Eclectica & RAMA

Blood rushhhh :D.  Those were the days when I could do this with ease. Now…am most likely to break my neck if I attempted a handstand now. Hee. Anyway..this is meant to be a sophisticated look.  And here I am being silly…tut tut*

If you saw the last post you will have seen me bleeting on about this Glimmer Diamante Necklace Set by Ecelectica.  Do get.  It really is better on…and worn as the full set.

And….you might like this Two Toned Pocket Dress by RAMA.  This is black…but you get other options.  Great if you love the casual jersey look!

RAMA Dress


[Two Toned Pocket Dress] by RAMA @ The Showroom

(see the gallery of colours on Seraphim Blog)

[Glimmer Diamante Necklace] by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires

[Sia Skin] worn with  Romy Base Lipstick by Glam Affair

[Manna Headpiece] by Zibska

[Poses] by Diesal Works

[Deep Sky Eyes in Twllight Sea Shadow] by Mayfly

[Laura Hair] by Wasabi Pills
Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo






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