~: Little birdie..

Little birdie

Hello there! ❤

Hope you are all having a good weekend post the Thanksgiving festivities.  Seems it has caught on here too!  Together with Black Friday – we had our fair share of Police being summoned to separate grappling shoppers too! Haha…when it comes to a good bargain, English manners are no more 😀

Anyway, do check out this lovely Aida Necklace by 22679  which you can find @ L.Accessoires.  Lots of colour options!

D’aww..and I love this Pink Dress by MIshMish.  So happy she is making clothes! ❤



Where to Buy:

[Aida Necklace] by 22769 @ L.Accessoires

[Ophelia Hair] by Exile

[Dress] by MishMish @ Kawaii Project

[Angelica Skin V2] by Glam Affair @ Kustom9

[Bird] on Head by Lode @ The Chapter Four

[Bronze Eyes] by Mayfly

[Kendra Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Pose] by Kirin

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo



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