~: Kawaii cute

Miko Skin

Quick post!  If you haven’t got round to visiting the Kawaii Project then you must….it is one of the cutest events ever!

The venue is beautifully built (by Ivy of Atomic I think).  And the items impossibly cute!  Dunno about you…but with so many events it’s a monumental task choosing what to buy, especially if you are on a limited budget etc. It rather concentrates the mind. But there are some events which guarantee quality, awesome creativity and a sense of fun…and this is one of them.  And it’s great to see a couple of new names too.

In brief, Pink Dress is by MishMish, Birdi Hair by Moon and Miko Skin by Glam Affair.  The Pearl Necklace is by RAMA. (See previous link) Face Glitter by LPM.  Shape @ [CS Shapes] . True Grey Eyes by Mayfly. Horns by 8f8. Pose by Kirin.

Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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