~:Bodycon Beauty

Rama Dress1Rama Dress 2Rama Dress2.pngDunno about you but I love bodycon dresses! They are a bit like wearing a tight fitting full body corset that smooths all your bumps but much more flattering!  Even big curvy girls can wear bodycon and look amazinggggg.

In SL, you might like this stretchy, jersey bodycon style Consealed Dress by Rama.  Two styles to choose from and available in lots and lots of colours!  Find these dresses and other new releases @ the Sad November event. (see link below)


[Consealed Dress and Back Me Up] by RAMA @ Sad November :.:New:.

[Luminous Eyes in Golden Amber + Morning Sea] by Mayfly :.:New:.

[Hermalite Cuff] by RAMA :.:New:.

[Charlotte Flats] by Ingenue FLF :.:New:.

[Lauren Skin] by Glam Affair @ Uber :.:New:.

[Valena Hair] by Olive

[Dolly Shape -modded] @ [CS Shapes]

[Poses] by Kirin


Thank you! ((Xanthe)) xoxo



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