~:The Trench

Trench Coat2Lovely Luna Coat by Kitja Cherie. Beautiful isn’t it? Warm leather textures that are perfect for the autumnal season.

Yes…you have seen the Bubble pop before!   My fave thing atm….clearly 😀

Trench Coat1Bottom pic didn’t quite turn out as anticipated…excuse the mess…but you get the general idea lol.

Trench Coat3Quick Credits.

I think most will be familar with these items so I won’t list all links.  Evidence of the effects of a very long day and the need for a long soak in the tub.

Anyway…the events are widely blogged so I am sure you will have no difficulty locating most if not all of these items.  But if you struggle let me know won’t you?  Get the coat though…you will love.  <33

[Blow Pop] by Pididdle @ The Candy Fair

[Trench Coat] by Kitja Cherie @ The Seasons Story (TSS)

[Companion  Balloon Buddy] by Atomic @ TSS

[Boo Hair] by Spellbound @ Kustom9

[Tiger earrings] by Pure Poison

[Saddle wedges] by Pure Poison

[Poses] by Kirin @ TSS

{Penny Skin] by Glam Affair – worn with lipgloss and liner  @ Mystic Realms

[Monet Dusk Eyes] by Mayfly

[Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

Hope that’s ok.  Taraaaaaa….((Xanthe)) oxoxo









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