~:In Rogue

The BlouseThe Pants2

The PantsThese Rogue Pants…yes I have had them for awhile. They have been winking at me in my Inventory..waiting for the right momenet for an airing 😀 They have to be one of the most creative in my view.  I mean seriously….check out the detail!  And the great thing is you don’t have to forage around looking for matching shoes.  All combined.  I just added a couple of items from Collabor88 to complete the look.  Fabulousssss <33


[Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Ultraviolet Pitch Eyes] by Mayfly (Gift)

[Rogue Pants] by Pixicat

[Annabelle Tucked Blouse] by U.f.o @ Collabor88

[Pussycat Hair] by Lamb @ Collabor88

[Sia Skin] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88 (worn with liner and lipgloss]

[Poses] @ Everglow


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