~:RAMA Soft Jersey Dress

Jersey Dress Mint FrontQuick postie! Little coffee break blogging. 😀  I am learning other stuff atm but it lovely to escape to a little blogging. <33

You may recall from my last post (see the link in the credits) that RAMA is creating these sweet, original mesh items which are very reminiscent of Gap ie…soft colours, comfy looking lounge style clothing.  I like them very much and hope you will too! All hand drawn designs.

This Jersey Dress which may at first glance appear quite simple but it has cute detailing like the split top effect at the back (see below)

Jersey Dress Mint BackJersey Dress Mint  Front1Sorry it isn’t a full view…I had a spot of bother with my skin applier…have to see if I can fix it later!

And….isn’t this such a cute hair style!  Red Mint has 2 hairs on a special offer and this is such an adorable style.  I am not entirely sure for how long the offer is on for. I particularly liked this style which has a sweet little bow for extra prettiness appeal.


[Jersey Dress] by RAMA .:New:. Also See  Previous Post

[Hair] by Red Mint .:New:.   (50% Sale)

[Amber Eyes] by Mayfly .:New:. 

[Dolly Shape] @ CS Shapes (modded to slim)

[Doll Skin V2] by Pink Fuel

[Perenelle Earrings] by Eclectica

[Poses] by Everglow
Thanks ((Xanthe)) xoxo






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