~:Mayfair Flair

Mayflair Look

Took a little jaunt to the ever popular Mayfair SIM.  And here are the results.  I was totally absorbed by the details, even peering closely at door knobs, and fencing.  Such is the finesse of the details on this SIM which is just stunning.  Anyway, I loved this look.  White with pink hair.  Simple, non fussy l with added Mayfair flair 😀

Mayflair Look4More piccies below.  Eeee…this visit deservd a good airing of poses.

Mayflair Look1f.png

Mayflair Look5.png

Finally, I originally started out this post with a snap of the Milena Hair by Cavalleri.  She released this version for Room69 (See link below. Starts 1st Sept).  Chloe’s hairs are really cute and evolving. Great for a streamlined simple look.  See below:

Melina Hair

From memory:

[Milena Hair]  – Botton Pic – by Cavalleri @ Room69

[Divine White Dress] by ISON (Collabor88)

[Necklace] by Glam Affair (Collabor88]

[Artemis Skin] word with brows by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Laura Pink Hair]  – Top Pics – by Wasabi Pills

[Fiona Wedges] by Ingenue

[Poses] by Everglow

Thanks! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

PS As graphics card is a bit dodge… I am now limiting myself to 1/2 hour of SL pictures from start to finish. Outfit, pictures, edits,blog post and flickr.  I am 2 minutes to finishing time! Woooooooo!!



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