~:A prayer..

A Prayer

Feel ill listening the news.  I  am not entirely sure I can articulate how I feel or even use the right words. It does seem on occasions that it is the end of civilisation.  We seem to be going backwards and not forwards.

Whatever your beliefs or political leanings, one cannot but be horrified when watching the news.  The dreadful loss of life after the crash of MH17, and the killings on the Gazza strip.  In both instances, entire families wiped out. Innocent civilians and ordinary people caught up in  ugly conflicts.

It reads like a horror story, hundreds of bodies lying in the fields in Ukraine, that poor little toddler covered in a white sheet. And the women and children on the Gazza strip, blown to pieces, lying in the streets,  under rubble or wounded.  How can this possibly be right? Guns and bullets have only one master. Hatred.  On both sides.

This world has indeed become very small place. Wars that appear some distance away..really are not.  I hope recent events serve as a huge wake-up call for politicians. Conflicts should never be allowed to escalate to the level where governments or those in positions of power can act with impunity, with no humanity  and no respect for life.   I hope the collective anger that the rest of the world feels garners up enough momentum to precipitate a proper dialogue and ultimately a genuine desire an end to the conflicts.

It only leaves me to say to say a prayer for all the innocent lives lost and their poor families.  I hope they get answers and justice for their loved ones.  One hopes.

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