~:Splash of lime

Damselfly Cap Hair1

Lots of great events at the moment isnt there?

Anyway, thought I would start off with this cute hair.   Lime is one of my favourite colours.. a little splash of lime is the way to go. Deee lishhh..One of the reasons  why I loved this capped Avril Hair by Damselfly. I got my lime fix.  Of course the Cap is HUD controlled so you can change the colour to suit.  Find this hair at PROJECT LIMITED event (as it’s namesake..items are on  limited sale ).

Funkaaayyy…I did take a pic of the feet but for some reason the flooring didnt rezz.  Urg. Do you have this problem too?  But anyway, this is part of the rest of the look assembled from bits and pieces.

Damselfly Capped Hair3

[Avril Hair] by Damselfly @ Project Limited

[Sahara Black top – part of an outfit] by Orsini

[Marinella Belted White Skirt] by LPD (The Gypset Market)

[Rising Spring Eyes] @ Mayfly

[Cassia Skin] by Glam Affair


((Xanthe)) xoxo







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