~: Fantasy fashion for beginners


Gold Horns3F


What cute horns.  And I think the rope was a nice touch though I imagine this has some significance in terms of rp. For me, I just love the earthiness of this look.  You dont need much to achieve this look…a few well-chosen items and voila!  Fantasy fashion for beginners! Wooooo!



This Hair is called Khaleesi  by Damselfly which adds a touch of femininity to this look.  Thank you to Tommy and Shyla for this pretty hair!

I went for this powdery looking soft Cassia skin by Glam Affair @ Creations: jp. Btw…this is a new event run by Gabriel  featuring some talented creators from Japan. Remember Chronkit and Amerie? Good to see them there.  And I hope Gabriel manages to persuade Mandala to participate at some point 😀 .  Hoe awesome would that be?!  There are a few items pending at this event…bit of a wobbly start but I do hope Creations: jp finds it’s feet and likewise makes a mark on the Events scene.

[Khaleesi Hair] in Light Blondes |MESH| @  Damselfly

[Cassia Skin] by Glam Affair @ Creations jp

[Iduna Brown] Dress by !Cellar Door @ The Fantasy Collective

[Captured Beauty Horns] in Gold by OrsiniRed @ The Fantasy Collective

[Poses] by !Bent (closed sorry)

[Bronze Eyes] by Mayfly

[Blase Piercings] by H.o.d

[Shape] by [CS Shapes]

[Eyeliners] by Tuli (find on Marketplace SL)

[Lashes] Upper deck only by Tameless.

Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxoxo





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