~: Tahiti Girl …

Tahiti3Ia-ora-na! Lately, I have been dreaming of escaping to a tropical island and living on fresh fish and seafood everyday .  Not to mention the white, sandy beaches, flora and fauna…if only eh?  Meanwhile..in SL….here is a look you can russel up of you are likewise dreaming of a tropical escape.  I did find this fabulous Tiki inspired backdrop but kept getting griefed by a noobie who took great delight in puffing black smoke particles in my direction.  One of the many reasons I always end up taking piccies on my plank lol.



And thank you to Tiffy of Eclectica for these gorgeous WhitSundays Resort Sandals…find these at L’Accessorise.



[WhitSundays Resort Sandles] in Sunny Blue by Eclectica @ L’Accessoires

[Cora Miniruffleskirt] by LeeZu @ FFL

[Bali bikini] by Coquet @ Liaison Collaborative (LC)

[Indigo Hair] Spellbound @ LC

[Poses] @ BehaviorBody

[Summer Skin in Asis and Lipstick 16] and [Rope embellished Necklace] by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

[Opal Eyes] in Seashell @ Poetic Colors (Gift)

I think that if but if I have forgotten anything please free to ask or IM me in World.  Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxo






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