~:Hip blues…

Perenelle Necklace

I am soooo behind everything!  Been a busy time…returning home  beat and shattered.  So haven’t been able to play SL much…missed a few events> But I really must draw your attention to this awesome Perenelle Necklace by Eclectica which was at the Goth Fair (now ended), but coming instore soon! A fab necklace to add to your collection <33

And 22769 Paco and Manu’s Striped Riviera Maxi Dress just to complete the look 😀 .  I loved the blue striped  version the best…

22769Dress1png.pngTo get this l0ok:


[Perenelle Necklace] by Eclectica (instore soon! )

[Striped Riviera Maxi Dress] by 22769 @ The Boutique

[Aston Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (Group Gift)

[Zoella Hair ]  @ Truth

[Floral Headband] @ Pr!tty

[Light Persian Blue Eyes] @ Mayfly

[Romy Skin] @ Glam Affair

[Poses] @ BehaviorBody


Thankies ((Xanthe))





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