~: Smexxy IntelliG look …

Ivy SkinColour1

Couldnt decide which image to use so you get both! 😀

Ivy SkinF

Soooo..new skin.  Beautifully pouty and smoochy as always @ Lara Hurley.  This is Ivy skin and it has to be my absolute fave.  To get the smokey effect  I used Tuli’s  Eyeliner (see link below).  The best eyeliner ever…so thrilled to have found these!

And check out these new Perenelle Square Glasses from Eclectica. For a super intelli and studious look but reasonable casual to wear.  Very well made with a HUD so you can change the lens and frame to suit your look.   Find these at World Goth Fair. 50% donation to the Sophie Lancaster Fund.  Great event to support.

Lovely Schatzi hair by Damselfly @ Cosmopolitan Event  (the next round! Am not sure when it starts but do keep a look out on Seraphim Blog)



~:Schatzi Hair by DamselflyCosmopolitan Event  (coming soon)

~:Perenelle Glasses by Eclectica @ World Goth Fair

~:Ivy Skin @ Lara Hurley

~:Eyeliner by Tuli

~:Shape by [CS Shapes]

~:Butterfly Necklace & Ring @ Izzie’s

~:Poses @ BehaviorBody

~:Navy Sailor Outfit by Fishy Strawberry @ The Attic Event






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