Banded2Just a quick postie.  Fantasy Fair Gatcha is still running and  there are some absolutely covetable items so worth a flutter…I mean check out these Deadly Feather Gloves by Paco and Manu of 22769.  Awesome aren’t they?

And this cute Salley hair by Damselfly is very wearable..looks particularly  sweet in the light blondes too.  And…Plastik had this fantastic Maize outfit for last FLF.  A collection of 3 outfits which you can mix and match.  This is an absolute bodice ripper of a  jumpsuit..smokin’.


~: Salley Hair @ Fantasy Fair Gatcha 2014 May 4th – May 31, 2014

~:Deadly Feathers Gloves by 22769 @ Fantasy Fair Gatcha 2014 

~: Maiza Outfit @ Plastik

~:Arabian Nights Eyes @ Mayfly (Hunt Gift)

~:Quiana Skin/Lipstick @ Skinnery

~:Placing Poses @ BehaviorBody


Thanks! ((Xanthe)) xoxox




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