~:Fab Fifties Glam…

In white

This look was conceived of an era which celebrated bombshell feminity…red lips, pale skin, shiny wavy hair…they were all at it…Monroe, Taylor, Kelly…all stunningly beautiful women.  Anyway…I tried to recreate the same look…and if you pick up a few bits from Collabor88…it’s pretty easy.


In White Plus…BehaviorBody has some excellent poses for the weekly Sunday Gift.  Love them.  You need to hurry though.  Look out for the blue arrow.

Quick Credits:

~: Off the Shoulder Blouse by {u.f.o}  (Collabor88)

~:Skinny Slacks by Tres Blah (Collabor88)

~:Saskia Shape by [CS Shapes] (modded – rounder face, bigger pout)

~:Brandi Skin @ Glam Affair (Worn with Romy Goddess Lipstick and Aria Brows)

~:Spectrum Eyeliner @ CStar

~:Dimples @ l.fauna
~:Lashes @ Ploom

~:Hair Accessory by Lode (The Chapter Four -Gatcha)

~:Zoey Hair @ LaViere

~:Liquid Light Eyes Deepening Spring @ Mayfly (tvm Keshie)

~:Placing Poses @ BehaviorBody (Sunday Gift!)


Thank you! ((Xanthe)) xoxo







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