~:Forging ahead….

Pididdle Skirt & Damselfly2.png Well hullloooooooo!  Gosh it has been awhile..my newly acquired laptop (which I have now renamed “Rubbish”)  died on me a few weeks ago and 0f course took with it my entire collection of docs and windlights! Urrgg……I mean like, how is this possible?? The last laptop (newly named “Old Friend”)  only exploded after more than a decade of continuous use! I used to bemoan incessantly about the fact I couldn’t get shadows but man…I now appreciate its simplicity and hardiness.

Anyway, I have rather missed SL (though happy that I packed in a *tremendous*  amount of RL spring cleaning which saved me from going nuts at the weekends).  But it’s fab to be back especially with nice goodies to blog…like this stupendously cute skirt covered in ARMADILLOS from Pididdle.  Only $50 special offer so go get!  Wb Brutus!

And Tommy from Damselfly sent me this lovely hair.  He is such a great chap.  His hairs are extremely good and very feminine which I love.  I am a *huge* fan!  More credits below:

Pididdle Skirt & Damselfly1



: Divia Hair @ Damselfly (New!) tyvm Tommy

:Papillon Hi-Low “DiLo Hilo” Skirt @ Pididdle ($50 Special) tvm Brutus

:Lace Bodysuit in Creme by :.:TSC:.: @ The Chapter Four

:Brandi Skin in Asia @ Glam Affair (Worn with Romy Lipstick in Goddess 1)

:Semi Black Brogues by Sleepy Eddy

:Sweet Pea Hair Accessory by Lode @ The Chapter Four Event (Gatcha $50)

:Poses @ ZANG


Thanks!  ((Xanthe)) xoxo





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