Fob Watch and Indie RoseFF1

Back to the dolly look.  Didnt take long to revert back to the The Doll. lol. Anyway, love this heavy fringed Tasha Hair @ Tameless.  Cute isnt it?

I am home today.  Recovering from a fractious week.  And oh soo nice to unwind and escape to SL.  The look is a mix of a few well loved items from my invent plus a few new goodies.  It is sooo lovely to see Indie Rose!  And those of you who are also familiar with Indie Rose, you will recall that she has an excellent eye for textures.  This cute Tank caught my eye (wish I had it RL!).

And…I love this Meckanika Fob Watch by Eclectica.  I blogged the Necklace version a couple of weeks ago..and this is the belly button version which is super cute.  A little ladybird is hitching a ride on this one 😀

Fob Watch and Indie RoseFF3

Fob Watch and Indie RoseF2


[*Tasha Hair] @ Tameless

[*Gabriella Shape] @ [CS Shapes]

[*Cropped Tank] @ Indie Rose (part of an outfit)

[*Mechanika Fob Watch] by Eclectica (Mad Pea Steampunk Gatcha Festival) ULTRA RARE 1

[*Poses] @ ZZANG

[*Skirt] @ Tee*Fy

[*Rose Hair Bow] @ Miseria

Thats it!!  Hope you have an equally relaxing weekend <33  ((Xanthe)) xoxo




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