~:Little Daisy pud

Daisy Skin Pink


This face reminds me so much of a creme pudding…sweet and moreish.  And you always want a second helping. Adorable!

My friend Squashy is a great fan of Curio and promptly bought a fatpack when Gala recently  released her new range.  This is Daisy Skin and is by far my favorite Curio skin.  I simply added some dimples from L.Fauna shop is still open though she hasnt released anything for some time).  Squashy recommended L.Fauna dimples and she was right – they are unqestionably the very best dimples I have ever tried!  Super delicate and the pack for $50 contains at least 3 shades to suit fair to dark skin. Marvelous!
Anyway, Daisy is best appreciated as a fatpack.  You get all the tones, brows, as wells as lipstick and makeup varieties all for a super slim price!  Incredible value and I am absolutely thrilled with this skin!  See below for another make-up version <33

Daisy Skin Light~:Credits:

[*Daisy Skin] @ Curio

[*Hair] by Lamb[*Dress] by HOD

[*Dimples] @ L.Fauna

[*Eyes] @ Mayfly

[*Poses] @ Everglow

Thankies! ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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