~:Get your lashes on


Mischel Hair @ Damselfly

How did I spend my Saturday morning?  Playing of course!

And it’s amazing what you find in your Inventory if you delve in.  Monica Outlander of Miamai gave me these cute LikeaBird lashes in Peacock*ages* ago.  These are mesh of course and to be quite honest, I think she makes some of the best lashes on the Grid!  She has an enormous selection and all highly unique.  You will note that I tend to wear the upper lashes only (you simply turn the bottom layer transparent). Works for me anyway :D.  To compliment the lashes, I am wearing my fave eyes ever, Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea Shadow @ Mayfly. I wear them to death!

And this is the new side swept super glam  Mischel Hair is from Damselfly.  Looks awesome from the side and back especially 😀

I decided to use a *youngish* face and go to town in terms of colour…so the Elvi skin @ Glam Affair was perfect.  And the simple cute Purple Dress @ NYU (FLF).  You can still catch the offer if you hurry!  See it in full below :

Mischel Hair @ Damselfly4

Without the lashes below…raw image only.  I added some thick black liner and an old eyeshadow from Vackra (she has closed her shop sadly). Poses are ZZANG.  Sorry I am being a bit lazy with LM links etc.  Suddenly I feel exhausted!  Hope you all have a splendid Saturday! ((Xanthe)) xoxo

Damselfy Mishcel Hair_004


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