~:Eclectica Pendant Necklaces are a real find…

Eclectica Pendant1F

Love these fabulous Relic Pendants from Eclectica!…Entirely mesh,  hardrawn and exceptional quality.  Plus you have a choice of 2 colours, dark gold above and silver below. And you get 9 gorgeous stone combinations/options in the HUD.   Irresistible!   Love Tiffy’s designs <33 See Tiffy’s Ad below if you want to check out the colour options…

Eclectica Pendant Necklace3FFLittle muggins.  Squishy wishy face 😀

Eclectica Pendant ProfileF


Nash, Maisie’s hubbie doesn’t believe I have 1 RAM of memory.  “How does she even see SL???” he says.  Hahhaha…I do wonder too!  But it might explain why my pics are so simple.  But also there is some clarity in the absence of shadows.  Still..be nice to have them.  Sadly for me there is always something else I need to buy instead of a new lappie.  This time its a sofa.  But you know..a sofa is for *life*..(well almost). ..if you get a good one that is..as you can see I get things that last and last like a Duracell bunny.  Please someone come chuck my lappie outda window. It’s the only thing that will spur me on to buying another.   😀


[* Relic Pendants] in Dark Gold and Silver ~ Eclectica  (New!!)

[*True Grey Eyes]  ~ Mayfly

[*Dolly Shape] modded ~ [CS Shapes] 

[*Mokatana Skin] ~Glam Affair


[*Top] |Mesh| @ League (Sale)

[*Lashes] ~Tameless

Relic Ad: 

Eclectica 'Relic' Pendant-Silverf


Thankies!  ((Xanthe)) xoxoox








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