~:Mango Cheeks Meow Plushies @ OMGatcha

Mango Cheeks Meow1Cute cute Headwarmer Meow Plushies by Mango Cheeks!  Find these adorable feline cuddlies at the OMGatcha (starts 1st January.  I don’t have an LM but please do keep a look out for it on the Seraphim Blog.  You can wear these little cuties or scatter them about…great for collecting and sharing with your buddies.  I forgot to blog the Rares (will blog again next time) In the meantime do check out the Poster below about the collection of meows 😀 :

Mango Cheeks Meow3

Mango Cheeks Meow2Poster:

Mango Cheeks} Meow Head Warmers Ad


*[Meow Plushies] by {mango Cheeks} @ OMGatcha (from 1st January) Thank you Kelly!

*[Keiko Top in Mint] @ 22769  Thanks Pacs!

*[Mokatana Skin] in America @ Glam Affair

(worn with Summer Lipstick @ Dead Apples)

*[Ombre Skinny Jeans] @ Auxiliary

*[Dove Hair] @ Truth

*[Dessert Bunny mouthie] @ Illusory (Gatcha)

*[Liquid Light Eyes] in Vivid Blue @ Mayfly (Group Gift)

*[Poses] by !BENT 

Thanks.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo






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