~:Beautiful Biscuit Skin @ Kooqla

Biscuit skin1F

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you all! And may 2014 bring you happiness, success in life,  lots of laughter and more importantly, mental well being. I shall be focusing on achieving the same too <33

Also,  to my lovely friends who IM me in World for a gossip and a chat about lots of stuff – together we chew the cud of life and have a real giggle in the process .  You are the best. <33

And finally, to the sweet, loyal bunch of people (many of whom have supported me and my little shop for the last 4 years)  a very BIG smoochy thank you to all of you!  I have kept it small, low key and largely stress-free so it has ticked along thanks to your support. Please do keep nagging me to make skins won’t you?  Maybe just maybe….

And the one to watch in 2o14…

Have you been to KOOQLA?! If you haven’t yet, you must!   Rosetta makes  these stunning, hard drawn skins which have that endearing ghostly quality about them.  It is very clear she designs skins for the creative process and the sheer joy of it.

I tried this photogenic Bisquit skin with hundreds of shapes…and there is not a single shape it did not suit.  Whatever shape you are, you will appreciate the beauty of these skins.  They have cute little quirks and are completely unique.  A  delight to wear.  Please do go try them out and hope you will love them as much as I do 😀


*[Biscuit Skin] in Nude (No 1) @ KOOQLA

(word with Censored Eyeliner and Lashes @ Tameless)

*[Evilly Hair] |Mesh| @ Lelutka

*[Crown]  in Gold |Mesh|by Node @ Limited Bazaar

*[Fantasy Elf Ears] |Mesh|@  Mandala

*[Deep Sky Eyes] |Mesh| in Bronze @ Mayfly

*[Poses] @ Miseria

((Xanthe)) xoxo


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