~:New Fiona Shape*


I went all out to create a sultry look and believe it or not, it’s all thanks to Pink Fuel’s Sora Peach Skin which you can get on Special offer! Please support Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel who is sweet and generous to a fault <33  If you look closely at the body, the details are just awesome.

If you already have a large collection of Pink Fuel eyeshadows as I do, you can really go to town and create very different looks with this base skin.

All I did was add dark shimmery brown eyeshadow and 2 layers of lashes and there we have it.  Smokin’!   I rarely release a shape these days, but fancied a different look. And well. if you want to try this shape with classic almond eyes which works well with other skins too do hop along and try a free DEMO.

*[FIONA Shape] @ [CS Shapes] (New)

*[Sora Skin] Flushed @ Pink Fuel (worn with Light Smoke Eyeshadow) etc also Pink Fuel (New)

*[Liquid Light Eyes in Twilight Steel Shadow] and [Deep Sky Eyes in Hazel Shadow] @ Mayfly

*[Blase Piercing in A Haunting] @ HOD (Check out the new collection which is absolutely amazing!

*[Black Lingerie in Infatuated] @ Blacklace

*[Patience Poses] @ Miseria

*[Hummingbird Tattoo] @ Vestigium (may not be available but check out her store anyway)

*[Hair] @ Lelutka

Thankies.  Now it is time to hit the sales in RL.  I have been restrained so far but ever the bargain hunter I intend to go slightly mad :DD ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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