Still slightly fragile after the Christmas celebrations…and of course, there is the overwhelming feeling of guilt…I did give a large donation to charity but  still feel guilty for those who are struggling to survive.  I am usually restrained when it comes to expressing political views, particularly in a Blog which I reserve for play and fun but I cannot say goodbye to 2013 without expressing the following thoughts:

I mean how could anyone not be affected by the Syrian conflict? It is possibly one of the most tragic of all the horrible man made disasters…and a testament to our collective failure as an international community to help those that have endured the most horrific abuses and suffering. This brutal conflict has given me the most nightmares, and I imagine it will long be remembered as a shameful  part of our history.  An unprecedented disaster in which the world effectively sat and did nothing, bar the over stretched charities who are struggling to do what they can to help the tide of civilians arriving on the Turkish/Syrian border with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

It is heartbreaking hearing the stories recounted by the refugees and those treating them.  And thanks to Russia and China, two autocratic regimes  who  have no moral compass whatsoever, this conflict has been allowed to continue for years with the loss of many many lives.  I pray that those who have  the power to change the direction of this conflict towards a peaceful outcome, do so as soon as possible.  I hope that they have the moral courage to help end this  ghastly, cruel war. I find it extraordinary that Russia and China have blocked all efforts to provide humanitarian relief with such pitiful excuses.   Who do they think they are fooling?  And yes UK and Europe, please open your doors to Syrian refugees.  There should always be room for refugees of war,  particularly women and children who have borne the brunt of this ugly conflict.

And one last word.  Prayers for the family of Dr Abass Khan, the British doctor who went over to help injured civilians and was in return, tortured for months and subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment.  Dr Khan  was without question, murdered by the Syrian regime. Dr Khan’s courage courage and selfless will never be forgotten and I pray that his family and children will find peace in the knowledge that he tried to help many and in doing so touched many hearts.  God bless your soul Dr Khan.


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