Dhalia Hair* + BOOM Bikini*

Tameless Hair*


Adorable Dhalia Hair @ Tameless.  It is impossible not to fall in love with this hair.  Too cute!  And you might also like this Antique Bikini at BOOM*.  Mesh and beautifully made. Super flattering especially of you are curvy…RAWR!! 😀

Alina ShapeBodyP


+ Dhalia Hair |Mesh| with wispy bits <33 @ Tameless (New!)

+ Hampton Bikini|Mesh| in Antique @ *BOOM*

+Tiare Hair Flower|Mesh| in Pink/White (Tinted )@ *BOOM*

+Neva Skin in Arctic 04E @ Glam Affair

+Pose @ Everglow

+Deep Sky Eyes in Twilight Sea Shadow @ Mayfly

*Spell Set Necklace in Amethyst @ Addiction Jewellery

+Lashes in 43 @ Tameless

+ALINA Shape @ CS Shapes (New!)

Thank you so much! ((Xanthe)) xoxox




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