~:Nightfall eyes

Smouldering1FLookie these peepers! I picked up these interesting eyes from Poetic Colors the other day.  The wonderful and very sweet Lano Ling is one of my fave eye creators (together with Mayfly).  Both make quite the most incredible eyes, don’t you agree? What makes these so special is that they have the sultry smouldering effect you get when a little night light catches the eyes…very beautiful.  These are Nightfall but you will find lots of color options to choose from.  And pssst…he has a Gift set too.  Perfect if you are looking for brown eyes. Thank you Lano <333

I cannot believe I have added some bats to this look…gahhhhhh…that is waaay to Halloweenesque for me.!  But hey… I though it suited the whole Bride of Dracula effect which I ended up with (somehow!)  :D. More goodies in this look so please see the credits below:

* Nightfall Eyes : Poetic Colors

*Maylee Hair: Dameselfy (New) or look on MP

*Neva Skin: Glam Affair (Kustom9)

*Prezioso Lipstick: Glam Affair (Cosmetic Fair)

*No 43 Lashes (Top layer only): Tameless (or try MP)

*Flower Power in Pink: Swallow (Dressing Room Fusion)

That;s it I think.  Hope that’s ok.  Need a bath and hot food.  Blisssssssss.

((Xanthe)) xoxo




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