~: Sari Style

Sari 22769F.png

This look is a complete departure but rather fun to do.  My adventurous friends would probably love this look as it would remind them of their gap year travelling on the Indian subcontinent.  The Asmita Sari is by 22679 (matching top available)  – find it at NUMBERLOGY.  I added this fabulous corn row style Danielle Hair from Tameless.  A very casual holiday style which also looks great worn with the itsy-bitsy little  Daisy Mini from Miseria.  (see below).

Miseria Shorts2

Miseria Shorts

*Asmita Sari by  22769 @ NUMBEROGY  (New)

*Daisy Mini |Mesh| @ Miseria (New)

*Cropped tee |Mesh| in Creme by Fashionably Dead  @ Collabor88

*Bossy Boots |Mesh| by Fashionably Dead @ Arcade Gatcha

*Danielle Hair @ Tameless

*Cat Tattoo @ Umeboshi

*Solaria Earrings |Mesh|@ Eclectica

*Astrali Skin in Stratus @ Plastik (FLF item)

*Liquid Light Eyes in Light Persian Blue @ Mayfly (see previous post)


Thankies.  ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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