~:Desperately craving choccies & Clooney…




—-> so nibbling some delicious dark chocolate caramels.  With a glass of cool milk. And watching George Clooney in “Michael Clayton….blissssssssssss.  What better way to end the day after a wobbly start and an exhausting end.

Anyway, I dipped into my inventory yesturday with a view to creating a cute *mash-up* look for the little mademoiselle,  allowing max $25o spend.  Of course I planned to buy several little items from here & there then …..I saw the HAIRRRRRR! Dude, the budget was gone in one fell swoop! But it did mean I didn’t have to move from my plank. Quick little MP shop and done.

Never mind “desperately seeking hair”..that is a given. I was just so relieved that it had a gentle side parting (I find middle partings terribly ageing or kooky…though there is one famous hair where a middle parting is TOTALLY forgivable! That’s you Lelutka :DDD).

And yes..the color menu HUD is progress!  The styling is super classic and flattering so go get if you haven’t already done so.

Well..I suppose I ought to show you the rest of the mash up ————–>



*Desperately Wanting Hair @ Exile (*New)

*Fertilizer Bow @ +Half- Deer+ (Little Big Hunt) (*New)

*Keiko Silk Top in Mint @ 22769 (Liaison Collaboration)

*Shabby Chic in Mint @ Pink Outfitters

*Words Necklace @ Addiction Jewellery (prettier & brighter in World)

*Liquid Light Eyes in Bronze @ Mayfly

*Margot Skin by Glam Affair @ Collabor88

*Pose @ZZANG

Thankies ((Xanthe)) xoxo


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